4 Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips

One of the reasons why most people are opting for artificial grass is the ease of maintenance. It helps to drastically reduce the cost of maintaining a lawn unlike natural grass. In addition, you will have enough time to relax or engage in any worthwhile activity. Other benefits include reduced water costs and freshness during each season. There is no need to hire a professional in order to carry out routine maintenance procedures, except when it requires repair. Here are some tips for keeping your synthetic grass in shape throughout the year.

1.Wash with water often

Dust and debris can accumulate on artificial turf, especially during the dry season and in areas that often have little rainfall. A hose will come in handy for rinsing it in such situations. If your pet urinates on the turf, ensure that it is washed away immediately. This is because microorganisms that can cause damage is present in urine. Regular cleaning also prevents the affected areas or the entire grass from giving off bad odor.

2.Don’t use harsh chemicals

Some cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals which are harmful to artificial grass. The best thing is to avoid bringing them near your lawn. Even if you need to remove weeds, use weed killer in moderation. Clean the turf when you notice any food material, dead animal or waste product. It’s necessary to take this step immediately as these things will decompose and release chemicals.

3.Get rid of stains instantly

Most of the reputable Arizona turf contractors always install synthetic turf that come with stain resistance. This doesn’t imply that you should ignore stains or spills totally. Clean beverages, oil, grease, ink and urine stains with water as soon as possible so that they won’t become permanent. Try to used mild detergent or mineral spirits for stubborn stains and rinse thoroughly with running water.

4.Purchase the appropriate equipment

When you start using artificial turf, your lawn will no longer need complex equipment such as a mower. Endeavor to get the right tools in order to make the process easier. They are affordable and readily available. Make sure that none of the tools have metal bristles as they can damage artificial turf. Let’s briefly take a look at some of the essential tools and their uses.

· Rake

It’s often used to reorganize the fibers and helps the synthetic turf to maintain its freshness all year round. The chances of the grass becoming matted will also be reduced.

· Stiff turf brush

People that use artificial grass for residential or commercial use are often encouraged to cross brush it regularly. In case it covers a very large area, use the brush for the areas with high traffic.

· Lawn vacuum or leaf blower

This is another indispensable tool for your turf. It is used for clearing dry leaves and other debris from plants in the vicinity or other sources.

It goes without saying that regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of artificial turf. Endeavor to clean itonce in a month or weekly ifyou use it often.

Post Author: Cedric Walker