5 Essential Steps to Moving Home

Relocating can be stressful at the best of times, but with some careful planning and preparation, the move can be quite exhilarating. Major things like having an experienced removal company on board are to be arranged at the very first opportunity, and with two properties to work on, plus a hectic deadline to meet, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the whole experience. If you are about to move house, here are some important things to include in your checklist.

  1. Change the Locks – The new dwelling will obviously have locks fitted, but rule number one is – always change the locks as you do not know who possesses a set of keys. Contact a locksmith in Edinburgh as they can arrange to have all the locks replaced with high quality security locks. This is the only way to have real peace of mind when you have moved in.
  1. Utility Connections – In the run up to the actual moving date, we are often so immersed in packing, we forget to inform the utility companies to hook up the new residence, which only becomes apparent when you realise you have no gas, electric, or water supply. This one needs to be sorted out a few weeks prior to the move, with a few calls to confirm a couple of days ahead of the big day. The old residence also needs to have the utilities shut down and the bills cleared, ready for the new owner to take up the relevant contracts.
  1. Spring Cleaning – Moving into a home is the ideal time to have it thoroughly cleaned, and that would include all the carpets, windows and curtains if there are any. There are small builders and handyman companies that would undertake such a job, and allow 2-3 days before you arrive to ensure that everything is ship shape and ready for your furniture.
  1. Home Security Assessment – The new property will need home security, and even if the previous owner installed a system, you should still have it inspected. The locksmith would probably offer this service, so you can kill two birds with one stone, and he will recommend improvements if he thinks your current security is inadequate.
  1. Consider Storage Space – If a large family is relocating, it often results in a ton of stuff that isn’t going into the new abode, and it must be either stored or disposed of responsibly. Most reputable removal companies offer temporary storage, and if you have arranged to buy new furniture, it can be kept in secure storage until the day of the relocation.

If you organise everything and keep a cool head, the move should be a rewarding experience, and by taking the above advice, things should go well. Make a checklist of essential things to do and always have the contact numbers of essential services in your smartphone memory, and you will be glad you did.

Post Author: Cedric Walker