5 Tips for Getting Organized While Moving

Multitasking when it comes to moving is not that easy. But, when you know how to do it the right way, it can be implemented with ease. Although, not every one of us has a knack for being a pro organizer mindset, it doesn’t necessarily imply that we cannot accomplish an organized move. As a matter of fact, with the aid of the moving tools today, it is easy to put together a well-organized relocation. Read on for tips to get organized while moving.

  1. Make a moving binder

Making and managing a master moving binder is one of the best ways to stay organized during a move. Moving binders do not only make it easy to keep track of all the moving contracts and receipts of Qshark-Moving in one place, but they also assist in consolidating all moving tasks into one-east-to-find place. Items can be stored inside of the moving binder like moving checklists, moving receipts, utility company phone numbers, list of donations, donation receipts, floor plans, design/decor ideas, contractor bids, medical records, school records, financial documents, moving company paperwork and much more.

  1. Get your customized checklist printed

Moving to a new place involves many moving parts. Right from dealing with moving company logistics to managing the financial obligations, there are many details to keep a track of while being busy in the moving. Unluckily, finding a way out by what you need to do and when you need to do is a pretty hefty task. What you can do is, make a comprehensive moving checklist for your next relocation. Having a list of to-dos ready will help in managing the moving parts effectively and efficiently.

  1. Color code moving boxes

While labeling the moving boxes by the corresponding room, make sure by color coding these labels. It will make it convenient to find your belongings in the moving truck and in your new house. Luckily, you can find color-coded labels marked with corresponding rooms from various retailers. You can also design your own color-coded system with multi-colored tape. For instance, you can assign yellow-marked boxes to the kitchen, pink for the bedroom etc.

  1. Strategize the packing methods beforehand

Don’t just pick off the belongings in an arbitrary way. Instead, think of a room-by-room packing strategy for moving. To start, decide the rooms and closets you want to tackle first. Begin with the rooms which have as the non-essentials, that is, the items you would not need in the weeks leading up to your move. This comprises the guest bedroom or bathroom, library, storage closet, playroom, basement, attic and seasonal clothing in your closet. Rooms that should be packed up at the last are kitchen and bedrooms. Once you have determined when to pack the other rooms, you will need to ascertain the amount of moving supplies needed.

  1. Pen down a list of items each box contains

While packing your boxes, create a list of what each box contains. This will make it easy for you to track your belongings and help you locate your items after the move. You can also number the boxes and create an itemized list for each corresponding numbered box.

Post Author: Cedric Walker