5 Tips to keep Birds away from your Garden and Property

Some bird varieties can be annoying and challenging to handle when they are fond of visiting your garden or landing on your roof. Birds such as crows, pigeons, and other varieties of blackbirds cause a lot of harm to your garden when they feed on mature crops, seedlings, and destroy other garden structures.

Since birds are part of wildlife, it is needless killing them. The best way to avoid a bird infestation is to prevent them from entering your garden or landing on your property by scaring them away. Airport managers know how to scare birds away better than us. You can seek help from Rove Pest Control on tips to keep birds off your garden.

This article gives you some of the best five proven tips to keep those annoying birds from infesting your garden and property.

Proven tips to scaring destructive birds away

1. Shielding the garden with chicken wire

Wrapping chicken wire around your garden stops wild birds and your domestic chicken from entering the garden and feeding on your seedlings and mature crops. Once the plants grow beyond the chicken wire, you can remove it and employ other measures of scaring the birds away.

2. Use terror eye balloons

Terror eye balloons are the most useful equipment for scaring birds away from your garden. You can buy these yellow inflatable balls with eye printing on them to scare away the birds. Hang the balls on different locations of the garden. When the wind blows, they rotate scaring the birds away. Ready-made terror eyeballs are available in the market at a relatively low price. You can have them put on your garden to scare away the pigeons and crows that feed on your mature crops.

3. Garden Netting

Netting your garden stops the birds from feeding on your crops physically. This is probably the most cost-effective ways of keeping the birds off your garden. It stops birds from coming into contact with your crops and permits the entry of small insects like bees to allow for pollination.

4.  Plastic predator birds

This look like a “set a thief to catch a thief strategy.” You can mount plastic predator birds at different locations on your garden to keep the small birds away. Smaller birds fear predatory birds such as a falcon. You can buy a decoy owl and mount it somewhere at the center of the garden. Some decoys move and even make some sound that can scare away small birds. Ensure you rotate the decoy owl in different locations of the garden every week.

5. Mount a scarecrow

You can build yourself a scarecrow and mount it somewhere in the garden to keep the birds away. Garden spinners are the best scarecrows because they can move when the wind blows and scare away the birds. If you want the scarecrows to work effectively, you must change their locations in the garden often. Birds are intelligent enough to find out that a scarecrow that has been located in the exact position for some time cannot harm them at all.


Birds are part of the ecosystem, but when they become destructive to crops in the garden, you are forced to find a way of keeping them off. The tips given here can help you keep the birds off and ensure your crops a healthy growth.

Post Author: Cedric Walker