5 Uses for rubber surfacing

Recycled rubber has many uses, due to its impact absorbent nature. Here we list 5 uses for rubber surfacing.:-

  • Children’s play areas and nursery’s and alsoschools are a great place to install rubber surfacing at. It is great for using underneath the play equipment since the rubber surfacing can be installed at different depths.  The required depth of the surface is worked out from the critical fall height so even if the child does fall off the play equipment they will not get hurt.  It can be installed in several colours to create a fun play environment for the children and to stand out to them, with colourful shapes, games and themes can be integrated into the surface.  This creates a bold colourful exciting space for the children.Ball courts such as tennis courts, basketball courts, netball courts can also highly benefit from rubber surfacing.  These can be used in schools for a clean, safe environment for the students.
  • Golf clubs often need high quality walkways and driveways. According to Andrew from Rubaroc Safety Surfaces“Many surfaces they use will require lots of maintenance and will be slippery underfoot.”Rubber surfacing is a great surface for such a setting.  It will give the golf carts a smooth ride on them.  It is virtually skid resistant and low maintenance.  Giving the golf club an immaculate finish which its members will expect from it.
  • Old people’s nursing homes would also benefit from rubber surfacing. Safety is always at the fore front of these type of facilities.  Rubber surfacing would be great for walkways, driveways etc.  Wheelchair users would feel confident and safe using such a surface.  Elderly people are not as steady on their feet as some people, so rubber surfacing would be an ideal surface for them to walk on making them feel confident and safe to go outside.
  • Gardens are another location you can use rubber surfacing for. With low maintenance and a variety of colours there is something that will suit everyone and their garden spaces.  It is especially good for families with children and elderly people,wheelchair users too as it is extremely safe as a surface.  You can choose your colour of your rubber surfacing to compliment your garden space.  It can be to create a safe place for your child to play outside on their play equipment.  You can also use it on your driveway to your home.  This will be pleasing to the eye for anyone that visits your home.
  • Water parks are the ideal place to install rubber surfacing at. People that use the water park and swimming facilities, safety should be the main priority to everyone.  With rubber surfacing you will not slip and hurt yourself when you get out of the pool.  It also feels comfortable under your feet which is also important with people entering and exiting the pools. Having a skid resistant surface when wet is the perfect wet deck application to use around any pool or water park setting.  This makes it extremely safe which is so important around any pool or water park.

Post Author: Cedric Walker