6 Signs That You Need to Install an Air Purifier at Home

Installing an air purifier is an excellent way to get rid of indoor air pollutants that cause various diseases. With the levels of pollution increasing both indoor and outdoor, it’s getting crucial to stay in a place where you can be completely worry-free about the air you breathe. Of late, the air pollution rate in India has been increasing at an alarming rate – both indoors and outdoors. It’s become a basic necessity for every home to get an air purifier. India has a lot of branded air purifiers in the market. It’s important to assess the level of air pollution in your home and buy the right air purifier.

There are many indications that show that the air you breathe is impure at your home. Here are a few signs that show that you need an air purifier for your home:

  1. A Lot of Dust Is Dragged into Your Home Via Doors and Windows:

Dust is the most common pollutant when it comes to normal households. When you step inside your house from out, you take in a lot of dust from outside. If doors and windows are kept open, the wind brings in all kinds of dust and dirt inside your house. The fine particles of dust don’t just dirty your house, but also cause health and respiratory problems. In case your house has dust problems as well, you should definitely get an air purifier installed.

  1. You Have Pets at Home:

Pet hair and dander is another common pollutant that is found in households with pets. This is something that is out of the pet owner’s control. Common pets like dogs and cats have the habit of littering dander and hair all over the house. Some pets have more hair fall as compared to others and some have less, but all pets have some level of hair fall. Since this hair is very fine, you can’t view it unless it’s in a collection. Air purifier is one of the best ways of getting rid of pet dander.

  1. Someone at Home Has a Smoking habit:

Smoking is one of the worst habits and it is even worse for passive smokers. A passive smoker is a person who doesn’t smoke but inhales tobacco smoke passively. When someone smokes in a house, the tobacco smoke stays in the air for a very long time. The only way to get rid of this pollutant is to have an air purifier at home.

  1. Smelly Industries and Sewage Treatment Plants Near Your Home:

Although industries and sewage treatment plants are generally constructed far from residential areas, sometimes the foul odour is so strong that it reaches the homes. If this foul odour fills up your entire home, it may get difficult to breathe. This is one of the very common pollutants that an air purifier cleanses with ease.

  1. You Have No Idea about the Quality of Indoor Air:

Even when there is no dust, pet dander, smoking or foul odour, the quality of indoor air could be poor. There is absolutely no other way to check whether the air you are breathing in is pure or not. Only air purifiers can check the quality of air. These appliances come with inbuilt sensors that monitor the air quality and an LED display indicates the quality.

  1. Your Home Has Foul Smell Due to Babies/Puppies or Open Bins:

Babies and puppies defecate several times around the clock. You have to keep a constant eye on them and dispose the diapers quickly. Even if you dispose these things, the smell still stays in the rooms. Air purifiers have activated carbon filters that absorb any kind of foul smell or odour that is present in the air. This includes open bins around the home, puppies peeing and defecating in the house and babies creating a mess.

If any of these six signs are present at your home, you should know that an air purifier should be installed as soon as possible.

Post Author: Cedric Walker