A Short Guide About Common Sports Injuries

If you are already a keen sports player or, commit to regular exercise, then you will probably have suffered from one or more of these sports related injuries before. If you are thinking of starting a sport or, taking part in regular exercise, then, hopefully this guide can help prepare for what might happen in the future.

Achilles’ tendon injuries

Your Achilles tendon is a tough band of fibrous tissue and can be easily torn in any activity, if you don’t stretch properly or, move in an unnatural way.

Broken bones

Needless to say, that this can happen any time, if you collide with something hard enough or your body moves in a way that it is not designed to then you could find yourself searching for stairlift companies in Cheltenham suffering with a broken bone or two.


Potentially more painful than a break, a dislocation is where one of your bones comes out of its socket. Some people are lucky and the bone knuckle will pop back in without any assistance. Others will need medical assistance.

Shin splints

Most common in runners that run on hard surfaces, essentially your shins experience very small fractures due to repeated heavy impact. If left a few days to recover your shins should become stronger than before.


A sprain can happen in any activity, you may have sprained something before and had extreme pain and discomfort. That is because your body has been stretched or moved in such a way it causes damage to things like muscles, tendons as well as other important fibers.

Post Author: Cedric Walker