Acacia hardwood flooring the most durable species on the market

Acacia is an exotic hardwood grown in tropical, temperature and climate throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and America with over 1300 species worldwide. Approximately 960 species are available on the Australian continent. Throughout the world, acacia trees are referred to as “whistling thorns,” and “wattles.”

It is rich in colors and has many uses like

  • Uniquely patterned bowls and plates
  • Elegant furniture
  • Wind and string instruments
  • Wood art
  • Attractive, durable wood flooring

hardwood flooring

The acacia offers low budget because of its slow gaining popularity. Acacia hardwood flooring is one of the most durable species on the market because of its variety and features. It is easy to clean and maintain and will last for many years. Acacia wood is easy to install as there is no need of glue or nail planks to the subfloor. It is best for those who want to install hardwood flooring by themselves. Acacia is the perfect for you when it comes to money and beauty. Acacia wood is also available in many looks.

Acacia Flooring Options:

Like other flooring options, acacia is also used in many types of productions. Like

  • Laminate Acacia flooring
  • Engineered Acacia flooring
  • Solid Acacia flooring

Laminate Acacia flooring:

Laminate acacia flooring is made in thicknesses from 1/4” (7mm) to 9/16” (15mm) and a variety of plank lengths.

Engineered Acacia flooring:

Engineered acacia has an engineered plywood base &  a solid acacia wood wear layer. It is available in 10mm-12mm thickness with plank widths from 3”- 5”.

Solid Acacia flooring:

Solid acacia flooring is 19mm thick with plank width of 3” to 5”. It is the standard form of acacia flooring.

Acacia flooring comes in variety of colors. According to the quality of the wood Warranty of acacia flooring starts from 5 years to 50 years.

Prices of the acacia hardwood flooring is as follows

Laminate Acacia flooring:

Laminate acacia flooring prices start from .80$ to 3.50$ per square feet.

Engineered Acacia flooring:

The range of the Engineered acacia has flooring starts from 2.60$ up to 8.00$ per square feet.

Solid Acacia flooring:

The range of the solid acacia flooring starts from 3.00$ up to 8.00$ per square feet.

Acacia hardwood Flooring Pros & Cons

Like another hardwood flooring, acacia also has some advantages as well as disadvantages.

Pros of Acacia Flooring:

  • A large number of species gives you variety of colors from chocolate brown to off white.
  • Acacia flooring is available in different types of flooring like solid, engineered and laminate.
  • Acacia flooring is easy to clean and wash using a simple mop. And also is available at low cost.
  • Acacia is naturally resistant to water and mold.
  • Acacia can be installed easily.

Cons of Acacia Flooring:

  • Among one of the most disadvantages of acacia is its Short plank lengths
  • Acacia flooring problems occur when the wood hasn’t been properly dried & in very dry homes.
  • Acacia is till expensive than vinyl hardwood flooring.


Post Author: Cedric Walker