Are You Familiar With Indonesia Furniture?

Just so you know, Indonesia furniture provides the best products for home. There are many manufacturers in Indonesia that have exported their products widely abroad. One of the best furnishing you can have from this country is outdoor and indoor teak furniture. Teak tree from the country is well-known to have good quality and durability. If you are currently looking for reliable and solid furniture, the one from Indonesia can be an alternative. 

The Kinds of Indonesian Woods Usually Used for Indonesia Furniture

As mentioned before, Indonesia furniture is one of the best choices. There are also Indonesian woods that are very popular for furniture. Well, there are four kinds of woods that will be explained here, so let’s dig the information about them deeper.

  1. Teak wood

Indonesia has the best teak wood. This kind of wood is a tropical hardwood and it is very common to see them in form of outdoor and indoor furniture. This tree can grow up very big that reaches 40 meters for the height and 1.5 meter for the diameter. Unfortunately, the tree for furniture usually has diameter of 40 cm only.

Teak wood has a color between gold and brown. Further, it can get darker once it ages and dries. One cool thing is teak furniture outdoor will turn into gray color because it gets a lot of exposure to the weather outside.

  1. Mahogany

A lot of Indonesia furniture is also made from mahogany. This is second wood that is widely used after teak wood. Mahogany that is native to Indonesia is Toona Sureni. In Indonesia, the trees are usually found with diameter of 60 cm. Although mahogany produces fruits, it can’t be eaten. Originally, this wood is in red color. However, many people do not like this color. Therefore, the wood will mostly be finished in darker color.

  1. Mango wood

Naturally, mango wood produces mango fruit. After years of production, the tree will stop to produce any mango. It is the right time when it can be cut down. This wood can be used to make furniture with one condition: it should be treated beforehand. It should be treated like that in order to avoid termites eating the wood. Mostly, mango wood is used to make cabinets. There are also tables or chairs made from the wood, but it won’t be as strong as teak and mahogany. Indeed, great Indonesia furniture is mostly made from teak or mahogany.

  1. Suar wood (monkeypod)

Suar wood is known as a large tropical tree. Diameter of the trees can reach 2 meters. It has brown color basically and it can turn into gray color once it gets exposed to sun. What kind of furniture that can be made from suar wood? Mostly, you will meet this wood to be a table top. As known, the diameter is up to 2 meters that makes it become a great dining table.

That’s all four kinds of Indonesian woods that are mostly used for making Indonesia furniture. You must have known now that Indonesia produces several excellent woods for furniture.

Post Author: Cedric Walker