Ask These 5 Questions Before Hiring A Mover!

Shifting homes? You might have many concerns, but finding a mover is surely the first step. A little research can help immensely in finding the right mover, and in this post, we will talk of the questions you need to ask before selecting a company for the job.

Are you licensed?

That’s the first and most essential question. Don’t be surprised to find sham or fraud companies in your city. There are a few state and federal rules for businesses in this industry, and every company must have the necessary papers. This is like a small element of legitimacy, although you should check other things.

What’s your pricing policy?

Beware of movers who have a fixed price for everything. Professional companies will send their executives to check your goods and stuff, and based on that, they will offer an estimate. The estimate should be inclusive of all costs, including the taxes, with no scope for hidden charges. To know better, you can call us for a quote.

Are you insured?

Shifting your belongings from one home to another can involve a lot of handling. The concerned company should take responsibility for all kinds of damages and losses. Consider the insurance cover of the company, which should include general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. The latter will cover the medical expenses in cases of accidents and possible workplace mishaps.

Will you offer references?          

A mover that has been in business for long and claims great things about their work should offer local references. As a new customer, you must also check their overall market reputation. For this, you can check reviews and feedback on their website, and you will find also find business ratings on third party portals.

Do you use day laborers?

Now that’s a valid question. Day laborers are hired on a daily basis for a particular work, and they are not on the payroll of the company. It’s best to avoid movers that don’t have a crew in place. The concerned company should have enough staff members for help and should offer complete assistance, as required. As obvious, the workers and handlers should be licensed and bonded.

If you are a little smart, you can avoid the hidden charges and the hassles associated with moving. Take your time to find the right service and don’t forget to pay a visit to their office to understand their terms and conditions better!


Post Author: Cedric Walker