Best rodent repellents for you to use

Rodents are some of the most annoying pests you can have in your house. They not only go around earing everything and poking holes in items they cannot eat but they can also cause diseases such as gnat. There are many ways to get rid of rodents in your house.  One of these ways is by using repellents.

Rodent repellents can have either chemical or natural components and they come in a variety of options, each with varying degrees and intensity of effectiveness. The natural based rodent repellents contain scents that are normally unattractive to rodents while their chemical counterparts have stronger chemical components that are often more effective in getting rid of the house pests.

Here are some of the best rodent repellents that one can use to help mitigate the rodent nuisance in the home:

  1. Ultrasonic rodent repellents

These produce high frequency sounds that are not heard by the human ear but can annoy the rodents into leaving your house and nesting elsewhere. Rodent repellers however do not work through walls and have to be placed in each room and away from furniture that can block the sonic waves. An advantage of using these devices is that there are no poisonous chemicals involved and the sound is not harmful to human beings.

  1. Plant-based/ Botanical repellents

As suggested by the name, these are repellents made from plant material thatis deterrent to rodents. Some of these plants include Eucalyptus, wood hyacinth, mint and lavender to name a few.

A combination of scents and oils is often used that will keep your home smelling fresh while keeping away the rodents that find the scents unattractive. A plus for this method of preventing infestation is that it only uses natural products that are not poisonous to human beings but effectively turns off rodents.

  1. Rodenticides

These are chemical based repellents that are manufactured for the purpose of eliminating rodents. Unlike the other repellents that work by creating an uncomfortable environment for the rodents hence driving them away; rodenticides work by eliminating them completely.

Most rodenticides are made with poisonous substances that efficiently take out rodents and as such should not be used in areas where human beings or pets can access them. When using rodenticides, you will need to place them in areas where the rodents are most likely to be while taking care to keep them away from human contact.

Rodenticides come in many forms that when ingested can be lethal and care should be taken to prevent poisoning.

While there are many ways to kill a rat, the methods used to get rid of them are often derived from one of the three mentioned above. While rodenticides are the most efficient to use, the risks are much higher as compared to the botanical repellent and ultrasonic repellent methods. A combination of methods can be used to tackle the menace that is rodents and effectively keep them away from your home.

Post Author: Cedric Walker