Changes you can make to your room that could make a huge difference

Almost everything gets monotonous after a while, be it your favourite food or the music you love. Change is the only constant in life, so it is no surprise that our tastes change too. This holds true especially for the decor of our home and the rooms. WithNestaway, getting an affordable housing option like apartments for rent has become easy- however, the decoration of the room depends on your taste. If you’re looking for a house for rent in Kukatpally, Hyderabad you can decorate the house with things that represent the city of Hyderabad.

Changing the decorations in a room can not only freshen your mind but also change the entire energy level and vibe the room gives. It is well known that decorations and the overall setup of your room has a direct influence on your thoughts, and more importantly, your mood. Redecorating is also not particularly difficult.

Here are a few tips for redecorating your room.

Decide a budget

This is not exactly a redecorating tip, but an important starting point. You need to decide on a budget for the entire project and move accordingly. This not only helps in getting a clear idea on the extent to which you want to redecorate but also keeps you from spending excessively on things that you may not need. However, your budget needs to be a rough estimate only as the actual amount may exceed slightly. Budgeting is also important when you’re looking for a PG in kukatapally, Hyderabad.


After years of constant use, we find ourselves unknowingly filling up our living space with unnecessary things. The items may range from little trinkets to even large furniture, which all lie redundant in the room. So, just look around the room and note down all the things you do not actually require in there. These items can be removed and put to better use elsewhere.


Lighting is probably the most underrated, yet the most important aspect of every room. The lighting in a room decides the first impression a visitor gets. If you want to make the room a more productive zone, go for clean white light, LED lamps or CFL bulbs. The yellow tungsten bulbs work well if you intend to use the room as your place to rest or a relaxing, personalized space.

Choose a theme

Themes are usually unheard of, especially in India. However, using a common theme while decorating the room can really bring the components of the room together and help you get a better idea of the direction you need to move in. You can go for a light beach theme or an autumnal feel. The next step is to acquire new components or repaint the old furniture in accordance with the theme you have chosen.

Change curtains and shades

Curtains are not given much importance while setting up a room, but they can really have a huge effect on the ambience of the room. Note that the curtains filter the light entering the room, so a light color would let in more light and dark curtains would give you darkness in the room.

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Post Author: Cedric Walker