Comparing a Corner Sofa and a Regular Sofa

The Pros of a Corner Sofa

Effectively, having a corner sofa is a practical way to fill a small living space.  Corner sofas can typically accommodate between 5 and 7 adults while, for example, the average regular sofa can only accommodate 3 or 4 people at a time.  Using an l-shaped corner sofa, then, means you get to free up some space for other seating or for entertaining guests. Obviously, then, this makes the l-shaped sofa quite the ideal choice for a growing family, particularly one that might not want to keep upgrading furniture every few years.

The Cons of a Corner Sofa

On the other hand, the corner sofa does not quite work in every type of living room or lounge situation.  And, of course, some rooms are not shaped in a way that best suits a corner sofa. Or, perhaps, other aspects of the room might not be positioned in a way that makes it practical to put this type of sofa in any part of the room at all.

The Pros of a Regular Sofa

Now, you could also opt for a regular sofa. A regular sofa, of course, is more practical. It can fit into a wider variety of spaces.  Some have recliners built in while others might have various other features that you won’t find on a corner sofa.

The Cons of a Regular Sofa

At the same time, a regular sofa does not offer quite as many seats as a corner sofa.  I In addition, a larger sofa can be hard to move (while bigger corner sofas are also often sectionals). Also, sometimes a sofa will fit in a room, but the only wall where it makes sense could have a window, and it could obstruct the natural light.

Post Author: Cedric Walker