Denmark’s largest producer of wood flour wants more

Dansk Træmel, that normally provides wood flour and sawdust to the mink industry, has expanded to the food industry with their smoking products.

Do you need to smoke some fish or meat? Then is Dansk Træmel the right company to go to.

With plenty of raw materials it is possible for Dansk Træmel to provide customers with 100 procent pure raw beech, without glue or chemicals, for their smoking food- business. The beech sawdust is dried, and heat treated according to the newest principles. The wood flour makes a good working environment because of the low dust content, and it is salmonella free, which Department of Food analyses have shown, that salmonella is not present, and the content of germs yeast and molds are very low in the product.

In the production of the wood flour, there is only used products from PEFC certified sawmills, that are documented for sustainable forestry. When buying form Dansk Træmel, you get an optimum working environment with extremely low dust content, labour savings, guarantees of uniform quality and a light and almost sterile product. The wood flour is also very efficient as a result of the high absorption and cleansing capacity.

Good quality guaranteed

Dansk Træmel has a modern, computer-controlled production plant that ensures the production of high-quality products. There is continuous quality control, that are checked and carried out on raw materials and at every point of production, and the Department of Food continually analyses the products.

The products fulfill all requirements issued by official authorities and can without any problems be used in the Food and Delicatessen Industry.

​Dansk Træmel has in collaboration with Europe’s largest sawmill developed a concept that ensures a unique commodity where the aroma is preserved and where the abovementioned bacteria are only detectable in very low levels that are far below the limit, and where there is a 100% certainty that chemicals do not occur.

​The logged wood is only in the forest for a few days before it is brought to the sawmill where it is debarked and cut up. The sawdust from the cutting goes directly to heat treatment where after the development of bacteria is stopped and the wood’s light color is maintained. The sawdust is then transported to our factory in Esbjerg where the raw material is ground, cleaned for dust, sorted, and bagged.

Post Author: Cedric Walker