Different Trades People You Will Need For Your Kitchen Extension

When you are about to undertake a kitchen extension project for your home, there are many different tradespeople you will need to come together to complete your project. Without these trades, you may not be able to finish your extension to the level that you wish, and you will be disappointed with the finished product. |You can find some of the various skills you will need for your home extension project below, to show you how much planning is required to ensure you do an excellent job.

An Architect

You may need to hire the services of a reputable architect to draw the plans for your home extension you will need for the builder and to apply for planning permission. Ensure you choose an architect with whom you can communicate effectively, so they understand your needs and can turn your kitchen dreams into reality.

A General Contractor

You will also need a general contractor or building company to do the work for you, and you can easily find lots of options by searching online. Include your area when searching to ensure you get companies local to you in the search results and use a phrase such as “builders in Shrewsbury”. Research any company you are considering using and look at previous jobs and their online reputations to help ensure you select the best one.

Qualified Electricians

You will also need a qualified electrician to run all the electrics in your new kitchen extension and ensure everything meets the building regulations. Your general contractor may have someone you can use or help you find someone, and you can also look on websites such as electicalsafetyfirst.org.uk to help you avoid rogue ones.

Experienced Plumbers

You may also need to call on reputable plumbing services to have everything plumbed correctly, especially if adding an additional toilet to your extension. Again, your general contractor can often help with finding a reputable one for you, and their team might be able to do a lot of the work to help reduce costs.

A Registered Gas Engineer

When moving a gas stove or oven or your central heating with your new extension, you will also need a CORGI-registered engineer to do the job and ensure it is done safely and correctly.

A Plaster

Once the walls are up in your extension, and everything is weather tight, you can call in a plasterer to plaster your walls and skim them, so they are smooth and flat. It is another skill that a general contractor can often manage to do, which will also be cheaper than hiring a separate one to do the job.

An Experienced Cabinet Maker

You will need a suitable carpenter to make and install your kitchen cabinets and worktops. They can help you utilise the available space and build a practical kitchen design that also looks fantastic. However, you can also choose an off-the-shelf design, which can help you save money if you have a tight budget.

A Tiler

One of the last tradespeople you will need before taking care of the aesthetics and decorating is a tiler to tile the backsplash in your kitchen and possibly the floor.

Once all these tradespeople are done, you can start decorating your kitchen and adding the final touches to make it look like the spitting image of the one from your dreams.

Post Author: Cedric Walker