Easy to Grow Herbs that Thrive in Low Light

Organic farming is tempting, but not everybody owns a farm. The most some people can do is grow their favorite herbs at home. But watching the herbs die even before they could grow is painful. People need a batch of herbs that grow in shade because not every house has a sunny porch.


The herbs featured in this article have very minimalistic requirements. But those requirements are not optional. So, before buying a pod, it is best to ensure that the following conditions can be provided.


Yes, this needs to be dealt with before anything else. The truth about plants that grow in the shade is that they do need some sunlight. But they don’t need it all day, every day. A verandah or even a window sill will do.

There is no need to choose just three herbs to grow because the small window sill can only hold three planters. Herbs that can grow in shade need only a few hours of sunlight per week. So they can take turns sitting in the sunny corner of a cute apartment. Each planter being kept in the sun, even just once a week, will do.


While these plants do well in the shade, it does not mean they can thrive in the cold. When a plant in the bedroom dies, it’s not the lack of sunlight that killed it but the air conditioner in the room. Plants need some natural warmth to thrive. Tropical plants need a space heater.


Plants that grow in shade tend to need lesser watering. They should not be drenched daily but only when the top layer is beginning to dry out. People who go on weeklong vacations often can benefit from self-watering planters so that the plants can use just as much water as they need.

Plants that Thrive in Shade

The following herbs thrive in low-light conditions and are perfect to grow indoors.


Also known as bee balm, this mint-family herb thrives in the shade with infrequent watering. This herb helps soothe a sore throat.


Also known as French parsley, this annual herb thrives in shady and even cooler environments. This herb has a mild anise flavor that gives salads and teas a unique aroma.


Chives don’t only survive in the shade but also repel pests and keep other plants safe. They grow all year long.


Ginseng does not only grow happily in the shade, and it needs to be kept away from direct sunlight. It is the perfect herb for the shady corner in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Ginseng seeds must be bought from licensed and reputed sellers.


Mint grows well in the shade but maybe a bit too well, so it does need a big planter. But it helps keep pests away and serves as the perfect refreshment in any cool beverage.


Other useful herbs that grow in shade are oregano, thyme, valerian, sage, chamomile, and stevia. All of these herbs are perfect for an apartment with low natural light.

Post Author: Cedric Walker