Enjoying A Party Without Pests

When you’re sitting outside with friends and family enjoying a summer party, you don’t want mosquitoes buzzing around and biting everyone who is there. Instead of taking the party indoors, there are a few things that you can do to keep the pests away so that you can all enjoy the occasion.

Standing Water
If there is anything around the party area that has standing water in it, then it needs to be removed. Mosquitoes love water and see it as a large breeding ground. Clear away the water about a week before the party to ensure that the pests are gone. Check the area for any other water that has accumulated after any rain storms or if there could be any leaks outside that you don’t know about.

Wiping Away
There are bug wipes that you can get to clean off surfaces that are used for the party. You can also give guests a wipe so that they are protected from the mosquitoes. Another idea is to offer bug spray when guests arrive. However, you want to use something that isn’t sticky and that won’t leave a bothersome smell as some people might not want to be sprayed or want to come back to your home to sit outside if there is an indication of mosquitoes that will be present.

Citronella candles are good to have on hand for plenty of event mosquito treatment. There are candles of all sizes, making it easy to get small ones to sit on a table or larger ones that are placed in torches that can stand along the perimeter of the deck or carport. The flames will deter the mosquitoes along with the scent that is given off by the citronella.

An idea that many people don’t think about is to place fans on the deck or carport. Mosquitoes don’t have very strong wings or bodies, so when they are faced with the winds from a fan, they struggle to fly around. They will tend to stay away instead of fighting to reach a victim.

Planting Repellents
There are plants that repel mosquitoes naturally that you can place around the home. Lavender is ideal to add, and it brightens up the outside of the home as well. The repellent usually isn’t released into the air until the plant senses harm, so you might not smell the scent until mosquitoes are actually swarming around.

Hire  A Professional
In addition to all these method you can also hire a professional like Mosquito Squad to do a special event mosquito treatment that will surely prevent mosquitoes and other pests from ruining your event. Some services that they offer are all-natural protection, automatic misting systems, mosquito control barrier protection, special event sprays, and tick control.

Post Author: Cedric Walker