Fine Opportunities for the Proper Commercial Flooring

Every year, an increasing number of stores and supermarkets are opening in the cities. When arranging such a premise, every detail and design is well thought out. The more carefully and seriously the question of the device of floor coverings of the room is solved, since this building element will have one of the greatest values ​​in the successful operation of the trading enterprise.

  • Polymeric floor surfaces in the shopping center can be arranged in cases of great patency – in 20-40 thousand people per day, since these are additional mechanical and shock loads that can withstand the floor. If for the sake of economy to make a concrete covering, then after a while it will begin to break down and there will be a need to repair it or even a complete replacement. It is clear that in such cases it is not a question of saving money. Therefore, the installation of concrete flooring for large retailers is not recommended.
  • Self-leveling floors in the store are used in huge trading halls and in small shops.
  • Decorative polymer flooring will give the store more attraction, especially if it has some kind of image.

To the flooring in stores and supermarkets are required:

Resistance to load and wear

In these rooms there is a constant movement of goods, movement of buyers and bogies. To ensure that the floors (in consequence of this) are not destroyed and do not lose their original appearance, it is necessary to use wear-resistant materials. For the Bespoke Commercial Flooring this is important.

Water resistant

Resistance to temperature fluctuations

In commercial premises, various equipment is installed, for example, refrigerating equipment. Sharp temperature changes lead to the destruction of the coating.

Resistance to cracking

Due to the vibration of transport on the floors, cracks and damage can occur. The material for flooring of such premises should have a lower sensitivity to such influences.

Sound attenuation

In commercial premises, depending on the load, it is recommended to arrange polymer floor surfaces. It is easy to care for polymer floors, they are perfectly cleaned and washed, withstand loads from the movement of cargo, people and trucks.

If the floor surfaces are heavily loaded, concrete floors should not be used, they will require permanent repairs. The best option is highly filled polymer coatings.

Floor covering with the device of self-leveling floors can be decorated in different colors and different textures – plain or interspersed, matte or glossy, rough or smooth. With any choice of design floor will last very long and will not lose its original appearance and properties.

The choice of materials and range of colors for bulk floors is quite large. The companies offer a wide range of polymeric self-leveling floors with a set of necessary qualities: resistance to chemicals, mechanical and static strength, operation at temperatures from -40 to +60 degrees and ease of execution.

Post Author: Cedric Walker