Five Reasons To Move To Boise, Idaho:

You may have heard that Boise is a great city to live in and people are moving there left the right center. We know why people are moving there and why you should move there too if you are thinking of moving states.

Moving states can be a pain especially if you are not moving to a good State. But Idaho is great and Boise is the best place to live in Idaho.

The Job Market is Thriving:

The job market is thriving. The unemployment rate in Boise is 1.5% lower than the national average. Especially in tech recently there are a lot of jobs available in tech. So, if you are in the related field you can easily find a job here.

Hospitality management and health care are the city’s biggest industry. If you are in health care and want to move to Boise don’t hesitate.


A decade ago the standard of education was not that good in Boise but now it has changed. The high school here are often mentioned in the list of most challenging school. The graduation rate is very high. It ranks among the top few cities in the United States.

Boise State University produces the highest number of graduates each year. Higher than anywhere else in the state. People from different cities of Idaho come to study at this University. If you want a shift in a city with good Standard of education start looking for homes for sale in Boise.

You Can Afford to Live Here:

The housing is no doubt expensive but it is because the standard of living here is better than most states. Apart from housing, everything else is inexpensive. Food, transports, grocery and what not. Average income is also better than most states.

Crime Rate:

People often leave their doors unlocked in Boise; it is not uncommon. The crime rate is a lot lower than the national average and even lower than in other metropolitan areas. You can see it all the details if you want to. There are a lot of websites that offer rate crime rates for each year. Do your research before moving. But statistically, it is 20% safer than most places in the United States.

Boise is Extremely Hot and Cold:

It is very cold here in winters, it can be freezing cold. But it can also be very hot in the summers. However, neither of the two seasons are super long. So, the rest of the year goes by smoothly. And each season comes with a variety of activities so you are never bored in Boise.

In Conclusion, if you are looking for a good city to move to Boise, can be it.

Post Author: Cedric Walker