Dryer is an everyday machine in the average household. We depend on it to keep our clothes dry and ready to use. Especially during monsoon and winter times, the dryer is the only savior. Such daily use of an article will definitely lead to wear and tear issues, and they have to be sorted out immediately. So what are those common dryer repair issues that one might face with a dryer? Let’s see.

Dryer might take longer than usual to dry the clothes: This is a common dryer repair issue faced by anyone with a dryer machine at home. It could be because the load is too much for the dryer to take. Or you may have loaded it more than what you usually do. At such instances, reduce the load a little and dry your laundry in batches. Dryer might also take time because its exhaust pipes may not be working properly. Check for any kind of stoppages in the passages and remove them to restore dryer back to normalcy.

The dryer is not spinning at all: The spinner is the major component for the dryer to move around and dry your laundry. If its handles or anything related to its spinning machinery is broken or faulty and has a repair issue, it may lead to the dryer not spinning at all. Check for any damages in the spinner, then restart the dryer machine.

No proper heating in the dryer: The heat is a major component in the working of the dryer as it accelerates the process of drying the laundry. The first thing to check when you find that the dryer isn’t producing any heat for the drying process, go ahead and check your settings. If you have chosen the fluff mode, then heat will not be produced. Change the settings, and you’re good to go. But, if you find that your settings are fine, then it could be possible that the dryer’s thermal line is faulty in some way. Check for the repair issue and replace it with another line.

The dryer doesn’t start at all: The most common repair issue in a dryer of all could be that the machine doesn’t even start. There could be multiple reasons for this. Some are very silly, but essential to be rectified and some may be serious repair issues that might lead to the replacement of machinery. First, check the current supply to the machine by switching on the plug. Second thing to check, if you have closed the door of the dryer properly. If all this is fine and still it doesn’t start, then there is some other internal issue with the dryer. Get it checked by a fixer or at a store.

These are some of the common dryer repair issues faced by people on a regular basis. They are not very serious and are bound to arise because of daily usage of the machine. They can be easily rectified with the right attention at the right time.

Post Author: Cedric Walker