Four Signs a Moving Company Doesn’t Deserve your Business

A move is a stressful endeavor and finding a reputable mover is necessary for a successful and stress-free move. However, many people have experienced dealing with rogue movers.  Undependable movers will lie to clients, overcharge them or do not honor their contracts. If you are planning a move, knowing how to identify a rogue mover helps you avoid moving scams. Here are signs you should not hire a certain mover:

They Have Very Low Prices

Moving services should be priced reasonably and movers who offer cheap prices may not be a reliable company to hire. While you want to save money on the moving cost, you want to ensure you will get what to expect from the mover. What usually happens is that these San Diego companies may just advertise a low price for their service but will try to squeeze as much cash from you as possible later on. If they don’t increase their price, you can expect their services to be subpar. Keep in mind that cheap is not always the best choice, especially in terms of moving services.

Their Contact Information and Identification is Vague

A great moving company should proudly tell you their business name and give you their contact information. This is when they have been holding a solid reputation for many years. But, a moving company with lots of complaints from customers may not give out information about their business. Likewise, a dishonest mover will use a truck that does not have a DMV number or logo number on it.

The lack of information can be easily seen on their website. To make sure you are dealing with a good company, check out for their street address. They should have a POX Box. You must be able to check this address on Google maps to determine the legitimacy of the company. Also, check for the photos the website has. You should see real photos of the movers and their equipment if they are legitimate.

They are Not Active at DMV

The moving company’s website should also have a DMV number. In case this number doesn’t exist there, find another company. If you see this number, check with the DMV truck stop website to confirm that they are active. When the site says the company is inactive, forget about this mover.

They Don’t Provide a Contract

Legitimate movers must present their clients with a contract to sign before they do their job. This confirms the formal agreement between you and the company in terms of price, moving schedule and how to proceed when the mover damages your items.  Without this contract, you and your possessions are not protected and make sure you cancel the move.

Although it is necessary to do your homework before the moving day, you can always cancel at the last minute if you sense something is wrong with the transaction in the first place. Moving day is difficult enough to still consider hiring movers who are not trustworthy and don’t make you feel comfortable.

Post Author: Cedric Walker