Getting to Know the Circular Saw

The common function of circular saws is to cut wood. Usually this tool is installed in all factories and industries, especially mechanical industry. Circular Saw has several advantages such as: can be installed practically via handpiece or portable, knife partially highlighted its part on the table so that it can tear wood, because of this circular saw is a practical portable carpentry tool, making it easy to carry anywhere and used in a variety of situations. Check also circular saw reviews to gain more knowledge about circular saw.

Saw Chain Size

The diameter of the saw dish can be as high as 200 to 400 mm with a thickness of 0.5 mm with the roughness of the tooth on the circumference of the disc having an altitude between 0.25 mm to 0.50 mm. In the process of this sawmill is always used coolant. Tolerance can be achieved between approximately 0.5 mm to about 1.5 mm. The principle of circular sawing uses the eyes of a rotating disk when cutting.

Energy Source

This circular saw has two kinds of energy source, that are through power cable and lithium battery or better known as cordless (wireless).

  1. Power Cable

This circular saw model is an old-fashion model. Using electricity and cables as a source of energy. Tends to be hard to use because the cable can make the job harder.

  1. Cordless Circular Saw

A more modern saw model. More flexible and easier to carry or use on any working conditions. Without cables, this model of circular saw tends to make the work easier.

Common Damage for Circular Saw Machine

Because of frequent use of this machine is sometimes occurrence of damage, the damages that generally happen are mentioned below.

  1. Power cable

Damage to this component because of frequent tug and wear so that the cable is broken or detached from the switch. This damage can be overcome by testing cable connections on the scale of Ohm x1 or x10. If the needle does not move or does not indicate a certain number means the cable is broken or the end of the cable is detached from the switch and can be fixed by plugging it in. But if the disconnection of the cable is not known position, the power cable should be replaced with a new one.

  1. On / Off switch

Damage to this component due to frequent use of the wearer so that the contact plate wear or per or spiral spring loose. To repair the damage to this component is a bit difficult, because usually the switch on / off has been casted with plastic material that cannot be opened. So, one way to overcome it is to replace it with a new one. This switch on / off has also been circulating in the market with various forms, we just adjust it with the form of switch on / off that we replace.

  1. Armature Rotor

The coil or armature coil on the rotor armature, similar to the stator core magnet coil, the damage to the coil also occurs due to prolonged use continuously so that the wire roll becomes overheated and burns. To fix it must be rewound with email wire type, the size of the email wire diameter and the number of windings that are the same as the original. If we need to first measure the value of resistance and weight before dismantling, in order to produce the coil in accordance with the original. If my friend is lazy to roll it can be immediately replaced with a new one, because armor or armature rotor is sold in the market with various brands, shapes and sizes, we just adjust it with the shape and size of the armature that we replace in order to fit (right) in. into the stator core.

So that’s it the review of circle saws, I hope this article useful and increase your knowledge.

Post Author: Cedric Walker