Grey Wood Flooring Maintenance Practices

There are various wood flooring options in the market that give your home an elegant look. Grey wood flooring is one of the most popular wood flooring that is being used. The wooden floor needs to be maintained to ensure they last longer and still look amazing even after sometimes. To get a variety of floors available, visit Here are some of the ways of maintaining your wooden floor:

Use of Furniture Pads

Grey wood floors are costly to install, and they scratch easily. That’s why you should fit the furniture’s with pads to prevent damage to the floor. The furniture pads are made from rubber and rest underneath the furniture’s feet; ensuring only soft surfaces contact the floor.

Lifting Of Furniture When Moving

Another way of preventing damage on the floor is lifting furniture while moving it. When you drag furniture across the grey wooden floor, scratching occurs typically. By raising the furniture, you ensure any rough edges of the furniture don’t contact the sensitive floor.

Set Furniture on Area Rugs

This is an easy and more efficient way of preventing scratches on your wooden floor. Apart from protecting your floor, area rugs also add colour to your space. To ensure the area rugs do not move around or slide, add a rug pad underneath the rug.

Repair Damaged Furniture Feet.

Always ensure the feet of your furniture are not worn out or have any sharp points that may damage the floor. If you notice any protruding part, it might be time to replace the feet of the furniture or smoothen the rough edges.

Cleaning of Spills

When spills happen on the floor, you should clean them using a dry or slightly damp cloth. Avoid using steam or wet mops since wood tends to shrink or swell depending on the moisture level. It’s always necessary to keep the humid level down to avoid cupping, gapping, and splitting the wood. To prevent these issues, always ensure you dry any spills that may occur immediately.

Shoes Off

Removing your shoes before you enter the house is another effective way of protecting your wooden floor. This is because shoes carry mud, water, and sharp rocks that easily damage the floor. For guests, you can offer a doormat so that they can wipe their shoes before they enter the room removing any solid particles that may damage the flooring.

Protective Coat

This is another effective technique of ensuring the wooden flooring is not damaged, but also it retains that initial colour and texture. A coat of lacquer or oil will stop moisture soaking in the wood and protect it from scratches. The protective coating also cleans mud and another stubborn stain that is easy to clean, ensuring your floor retains its fantastic look.


Vacuuming not only cleans the floor but also protects your wooden floor. Vacuuming can remove the grit and dust that is trapped. Dust particles and grit destroys the smooth finish of the wooden floor.

Wooden flooring tends to give your house a beautifully elegant look. But without proper care, the floor can be easily damaged. Following simple maintenance practices you ensure the floor retains its great look.

Post Author: Cedric Walker