Home Decluttering and Organizing Tips

Decluttering and organizing a home can be tough work, but with the right mindset, you will be able to do the job in no time. Clutter and mess can induce anxiety and make one irritable. If there are piles of clutter in your home that you mean to organize, the time is now to start. You have to understand that it may take days for you to finish decluttering, depending on how much junk you are keeping in your home. Here are some sure-fire ways to get the job done.

Start small

Determine the area in your home with the least clutter and start there. Starting small will not overwhelm you and will actually make you excited to go on to bigger clutter. Starting small may mean going to your dresser and checking the things you frequently use and those that need chucking out. Then gradually move on to bigger piles until you get to the most grueling spot in the house.

Open all cabinets

Be it the kitchen cupboards, the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, closet, basement storage room, or dressers with drawers; you have to open each one of them when you get to the specific area where they are so that you can assess the contents of each cabinet or drawer.

Get rid of big junk

If you are going to replace your mattress or other furniture, you may find it hard to dispose of it properly. If you live in an apartment where your contract states that you should dispose of your trash properly to prevent damage to the unit, you will have to comply. The best thing to do is to enlist the help of Evergreen Junk Removal. They will take out the junk and haul it where it belongs – either to the landfill or to charity.

Look at expiration dates

If we have a lot of things at home – be it food, cleaning supplies, or other items – we tend to forget that they exist, especially if they are at the farthest back in a cabinet or storage area. Go over each item one by one and see if they are already expired. Chuck the expired ones and place the remaining unexpired items in the front of the pile. Make sure to consume them first if you are planning to stock up on more of the same items.

Check your cords and cables

A lot of times, we keep cords and cables and forget they even exist or the devices that they belong to are no longer functional. Go over each cord and cable and see which ones you no longer need, and toss them in the trash.

Designate a spot for junk

Reserve one spot in your house where you will put all the discarded items and go over them one last time before putting them in the trash. There may be things that you have mistakenly put in the junk pile. This way, you can still retrieve them and bring them back to their designated place.


Post Author: Cedric Walker