How does a bi-folding door help the consumer?

The choice between picking sliding, French or bi-folding doors has become even more difficult in recent years. Gone are the days when everyone would go for French, and although more and more people are choosing bi-folding doors, there are still a lot of variables to weigh up.

Bi-folding doors do a lot more than sliding patio doors in terms of improving uninterrupted views of landscapes and allow much more natural light into the building.

Products have changed over the last 10 years and so has the buying habit of any consumer and thus people do a lot more internet based research than ever before. Because of this, people consider way more than just how it looks and works and thus it is more about the additional benefits which will make people choose which material, style, type and even size of door (dependent on any opening). As a result, showcasing the main selling points of any product is vital.

With this in mind, this guide will look at some of the unique selling points of bi-folding doors and will try to show why these types of doors are being used all over the world in commercial and domestic properties.

According to industry reports, the bi-folding door is currently the most popular choice, and whilst other additions such as the traditional conservatory have declined, bi-folding doors have had an upward trend.

There main appeal is centred on the fact that they not only offer great visual appearance, but also give the impression of large living spaces and afford significantly more amounts of light into the home. This was backed up by reports in 2013 which looked into a study of 2000 consumers and found that if homeowners could see out to their garden they saw added value in their homes. This was also proven to improve their mental state and wellbeing.

Adding bi-folding doors to your home is also more of a lifestyle choice than just adding windows and doors and thus the additional benefits are much personalised. There biggest selling point is their ability to completely open up and allow for the seamless living between the inside and outside of your home, as well as changing the point of focus to ensure guests consider your home to be incredibly large.

The large glass panels also offer good thermal insulation properties and this can have a huge benefit to the disposable income you could have at the end of the year. We are not talking hundreds of pounds but it could well be enough to buy yourself a new set of clothes of go out for dinner. Yes you may have to pay out a little bit more during the initial purchase phase, however with these doors also lasting longer than other options, require less cleaning and maintenance and give you great kick-backs the investment is certainly worthwhile.

Hopefully these points will help you choose a door that is much more beneficial for your choice of home in the future, whether that is bi-folding, sliding or patio. Speaking to companies such as Clear View in Yorkshire that can help you conceptualise your ideas with 3D models is also recommended.


Post Author: Cedric Walker