How does the stump grinding process work?

Our in-depth guide to stump grinding Essex and how it works can assist those in need of help with an awkward tree stump or anyone needing more information about the process.

Stump Grinding Explained

Stump grinding is best described as the process where a tree stump is turned into fresh mulch, using a stump grinder. Stump grinder machines vary in size and capability due to the difference in power. You will find that small grinders mostly run on gas whereas the larger models are fuelled by diesel. Each will contain carbide cutting tips attached to the special wheels to cut the tree into stumps, there can be over 75 carbide cutters per wheel.

The Advantages Of Stump Grinding

Most people choose stump grinding for the common reason of preventing an unwanted tree from growing back. There are, however, many more benefits to the process that do not always get the attention they deserve. Stump grinding can:

  • Drastically improve the aesthetics of your landscape.
  • Without the stump in the way, you gain extra valuable space.
  • Therefore stump-grinding creates opportunities for outdoor expansion in terms of furniture, patios and landscaping.
  • It widens the scope of your garden and increases the potential of the space for you to optimize.
  • Stump grinding improves the safety of the area by eliminating the tripping hazards and lawnmower hazards that are tree stumps.
  • Without the stump there to attract pests, mould and fungi amongst other irritants, your landscape and greenery is further protected against these elements.

The Risks Involved and Why You Should Use a Professional

Stump grinding is without doubt a dangerous job which can cause serious injury or even fatality if carried out by any incompetent or untrained individuals. The viciously sharp carbide cutting tips are designed to cut through rock so will not have any problem going through skin, muscle or bone if an accident occurs. With the significant power behind the operation, the apparatus involved needs due care and attention by an experienced technician. You also have to factor in any debris including flying rocks during operation which can catch you off guard and again cause significant harm.

The professionals will have the appropriate safer gear, adequate training and sufficient experience to handle the machinery safely to get the job done. The risks for anyone that does not fit this profile are too high and should not be attempted under any circumstances. A professional stump grinding company will use special guards as extra protection to put themselves in the optimum position to execute the job safely and efficiently, something an amateur cannot guarantee.

The Stump Grinding Process Itself

Tree professionals may have company specific procedures, but they will generally be based around the following actions:

  • Area inspection.
  • Put on PPE.
  • Remove any rock or plants around the base of the stump with a shovel.
  • Trim the stump close to the ground to speed things up with a chainsaw.
  • Introduce the stump grinder and continue to use until at least 4 inches below ground.

Clean up any debris and fill with soil.

Post Author: Cedric Walker