How much will it cost to put up a new roof?

There’s a saying that compares having a home, to having a roof over one’s head. And that’s a solid expression because a roof is super important to the comfort of one’s accommodation. But what about old, damaged or just worn-down roofs? Well, usually, the only option is replacement or reroofing. But how much will that cost? We’re here to answer!

First and foremost – estimating the project and/or assessing the damage

Your contractors and architects will make an estimate or a budget for the roofing before the construction takes place.

When it comes to repairs, it is slightly different. Sometimes the roofing surface is only mildly damaged and a small repair can do the trick. Sometimes, however, the construction is so badly beat-up that only a major repair and overhaul will be significant enough to solve your issues. How to know? Well, if you’re not a professional – only specialists can tell you.

By doing an eye exam and a thorough check for everything, they can determine whether you’re in need of serious repair works or some minor sort outs. As you imagine, the end cost mostly depends on the extensiveness of work needed.

Roof replacement costs – dependent on your roof type

If you compare replacement costs for the United States with, Poland, for example, you’ll see a vast difference between the final estimates. Why is that? Well, labor and material costs are vastly disproportionate. An average salary in Poland is 2 times less with a lot of materials also costing not as much.

The average lifespan of a roof is anywhere between 25 and 100 years. But, cheaper materials and cheaper roofings usually last less, meaning that the actual value for your investment can be even better, if you choose a more expensive, i.e. tiled roof.

In Western Europe, for example, the average price of putting up a new roof revolves between 6,000€ and 10,000€.  However, something like galvanized steel or asphalt shingles can be replace for half or even less of that whilst roofs of heritage buildings can rack up much higher billings for the owners, upwards of 20,000€.

Roof replacement in Ireland

If you’re looking for competent specialists who have the tools and the know-how to put up roofs or to repair them – Litcore is your best bet. Thanks to the best materials and experienced specialists doing the work, you can rest assured that your roof is being fixed or put up by people you can trust.

The Irish climate is seasonal and a lot of the times – unpredictable. This is a huge reason why you should only entrust such a task to a team or firm that has sufficient experience and competence. In terms of pricing, you can use a dedicated calculator to know preliminary costs or get in touch and Litcore can arrange the details for a quote!

Post Author: Cedric Walker