How To Choose Your Perfect Patio Doors Barrie

When it comes time to pick out patio doors Barrie residents are often not sure where to begin. There are so many doors to choose from that it can become a real challenge. So that it will not happen to you, we have prepared this professional guide for homeowners that will help you to make the right pick without huss.

Are Garden Doors And Patio Doors The Same?

As the selection of exterior doors Barrie is so wide, a lot of homeowners may feel a little bit overwhelmed trying to make the right choice. Thus, when it comes to patio doors, they often confuse them with garden doors. So this will not become an issue for you, let’s clear up the difference between the two.

By garden door, we often mean a door that swings open, whereas when we say a patio door, we usually imply the one that slides open. Thus, a garden door is fixed with the help of hinges. This door type can also be divided into two categories: a French door and a center-hinged door. More often than not, when selecting patio doors Barrie homeowners

confuse them with French doors. So it makes sense to pinpoint their main differences.

How Do French Doors And Patio Doors Differ?

First and foremost, it is their design that differs French doors Barrie from patio doors with the former being double hinged and opening outward while the latter sliding open. Although a French door can be installed in openings that are not particularly big (up to 1.8 m), it is fully accessible, whereas a patio door can be open only halfway. Yet, you can install it in an opening as wide as 4.2 m.

When it comes to the cost, a patio sliding door is more budget-friendly than a French door. This is due to the fact that patio doors require less expenditure on manufacturing, mechanisms and hardware compared to French doors. In terms of security, no matter what door you order, it should be equipped with multipoint locks, opening restrictors, cover splines and anti-bump cylinders, especially a French one. As for thermal performance, this criterion is also individual for every door. So, make sure to check if the U value on your doors is low enough and if they comply with the Building Regulations, specifically Part L.

What Door Style To Choose?

Now that you know what benefits you can get from both types of doors, it is time to pose the main question – what should I choose? And there is no universal answer. A garden door will provide you with an abundance of light from the outside, a pleasant view on the garden and ease of access to it. In its turn, patio doors Barrie offer a more elegant appearance.

Thus, when homeowners looking for a door to install in the basement, which leads onto the deck or outside, they usually opt for a sliding patio door. If they are picking out a door leading to the garden or grand courtyard, a garden door is the most common choice. All that said, when you are choosing the exterior door for your house, you should take into account its location as well as your tastes and preferences.

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Post Author: Cedric Walker