How to Maintain Your HVAC System

HVAC units are commonly used in residential and commercial settings for a variety of reasons. Compared to standard split air conditioners and heaters, the HVAC unit is basically an all in one solution. These units come with everything included within and need to be installed in an open space. They have a heater, as well as an air conditioning unit, built in, thus allowing you to cool down your place during the summer months and regulate the temperature during the summers. An electrical control unit is also installed within the HVAC system that controls the temperature of each room. A separate thermostat is installed within each room in the HVAC system so that the temperature can be controlled accordingly. If you want to maintain your HVAC system properly, here are a few important things that you should know.


Local companies, such as Project HVAC, now offer servicing facilities to their customers. Servicing the HVAC system is necessary at least once a year, if you want to minimise problems within the unit. When you contact an experienced company for the servicing, they will send over a team to your place to check the unit. The servicemen will remove the unit’s housing and dismantle the ventilation fan. They will clean the filters, as well as the pipes and wires inside, they will also wipe the ventilation fan properly. If the filter can be cleaned, they will do that, or if you haven’t replaced the filter in a long while, you might want to think about replacing the filter outright.

Cleaning the Ducts

Another simple tip for maintaining your HVAC system is to make sure that you clean the ducts properly. The duct work also needs to be maintained from time to time. Over the passage of time, dirt and grime will continue to settle along the sides of the air ducts. This will greatly affect the air quality over time, and will also reduce the operational efficiency of the HVAC unit. In order to clean the unit and the ducts, you can get in touch with a professional HVAC company.

Duct work cleaning should be done regularly after a year or so. If you notice a considerable amount of dust building up within the ducts, you should schedule a service right away. If you have children in the house, it’s highly recommended that you get the ducts cleaned regularly to prevent your children from falling ill. Also, if you have kept your HVAC system out in the yard, you need to make sure that you remove plants or branches that might grow around it, as that could limit the free space needed on all sides by the unit.

Post Author: Cedric Walker