How to maintain your plants

Plants are a lovely adornment to the environment, adding life to spaces. However, they deserve the care and attention to blossom. Here are a few tips to ensure that they grow to be healthy and beautiful.

1) Give sunlight 

A plant may beautify a shady corner, but require sunlight to survive. Be sure to find out the plant’s sun requirement and shift them to a place that fulfils those requirements.

Plants that need full sunlight should be positioned at places that have four to six hours of sunlight. Others that survive in shade should get one hour of sunlight daily.

2) Water your plants regularly 

There must be a balance when it comes to watering your plants. Too little will cause it to wither, but too much will choke up the plant. Overwatering will prevent the roots from receiving adequate air.

Thus, do find out the water requirements of your plant. Generally, most plants will do well with two to three times of watering per week. It is also recommended to use warm water rather than cold water when watering your plants, as cold water may shock the roots of the plants.

You should also group plants according to their needs so that they receive the right amount of sunlight and water at the same time.

3)Weed your landscape 

Weeds can spring up from time to time and compete with existing plants for nutrients. Thus, do constant inspection in your landscape and root out weeds whenever you see them. For your safety, wear gloves when pulling out a weed.

Ensure that you pull out the root of the weed. Next, put them in a trash bag immediately to prevent its seeds from spreading all over the ground.

Cleaning your equipment, cutters and shoes will also prevent weed seeds from scattering around.

Need help with landscape maintenance?

Beautifying your landscape and maintaining its functionality at times require specific expertise and knowledge. The tasks needed to be done can be overwhelming and certain systems like irrigation and drainage systems may need to be in place to ensure that your landscape is thriving.

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Post Author: Cedric Walker