How to Prevent the Neighbor’s Dog from Pooping in Your Yard

Fido, the neighbor’s dog has found a new place to go: Your front lawn. This is not good for Fido, your grass, and your shoes. How can you stop your neighbor’s dog pooping in your yard, anyway?

Your first step is probably the most difficult: Tell your neighbor Fido must go on their front lawn. Your front yard should not be Fido’s first choice.

Remember, neighborliness is a two-way street. Pet owners can be fiercely loyal to their pets. These natural and chemical remedies can be used if communication is not possible. We have the option of using a legal (legal dog) as a last resort if all else fails. type that might work.

6 Tips to Keep Your Dogs Off Your Grass

There are many natural and chemical ways to stop your neighbor’s dog urinating on your lawn. Many of these deterrents may already be in your home. You can find more at Amazon and your local garden center. Your lawn sprinklers can be set to spray away grass and other items that could attract Fido.

1. Talk to your Neighbor

How do you start a conversation? Try to have a peaceful conversation and do your research. Check out any ordinances that apply to unleashed dogs, as well as any rules of homeowner associations (HOA).

With knowledge in hand, knock on the door of your neighbor and tell them that your dog is not being left alone and has been urinating on your lawn. Help Fido’s dog owners brainstorm a solution to stop their dog from escaping the fenced-in area.

2. Repel with Smells

Certain smells can repel or attract dogs. You can keep Fido away from your yard by planting plants that repel dogs.

  • Plant lavender. Dogs hate lavender smell and won’t cross rows of lavender plants to get to the yard.
  • Place citrus rinds along the lawn’s perimeter. Dogs don’t like the scent and will not eat your grass, just as with lavender.
  • Combine white vinegar with 2 cups of apple cider vin vinegar . Spray the mixture along your yard’s edge. Dogs dislike vinegar, just like citrus and lavender. They will move to another place if they smell it.
  • Combine 1 cup of baking soda and 1 gallon water. Spray the mixture along the perimeter of your yard.

3. Turn on the lawn sprinklers

Get rid of the doggie who is pooping. Find out the best time for the neighbor’s dog to visit. Your lawn sprinklers should be set to water your grass an hour before the visit. Dogs will avoid wet grass because they are afraid of getting wet.

4. Get rid of toys

Keep your yard clean and free of any objects or other distractions that could be tempting dogs. This solution may work if you have problems with neighbors dogs that are not their owners or with stray dogs who do not have dog tags.

5. Make a barrier

A hedge that is attractive and appealing to the eye should be planted. You should make sure that the hedge is not too tight for dogs to climb into your yard. To keep unwanted guests out of your yard, you can add fencing or shrubbery. Beautiful deterrents include flowering shrubs like azaleas, which can keep dogs away from your yard. Other options in this category include ultrasonic motion detectors or security cameras.

6. Chemical deterrents

If natural methods don’t work, you can go to your hardware store or garden center to order one of these chemical options to keep your dog off your lawn.

  • Get Rid of Rabbit and Dog Repellent
  • Halt Dog Repellent
  • Liquid Fence
  • Instead of using a bone/blood/meal fertilizer, use a plant-based fertilizer

Myths Busting About Dogs and Your Grass

Sometimes, advice from the internet may not be accurate. Here are some warning signs that you shouldn’t listen to. This is a common piece of advice that people offer to keep Fido from your lawn. This is what we know so that you don’t attempt any of it at home.

  • Sprinkle coffee grounds. Coffee is toxic for dogs, and it affects them in the same way as chocolate.
  • Add red pepper flakes to your dish. Dogs are sensitive to smells. Dogs can become seriously ill from spicy substances such as red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper.
  • You can install electric fencing. Electric fencing is expensive. However, the goal should not be to stop dogs from running wild.
  • Spread mothballs in your yard. Mothballs can be dangerous and contain toxic chemicals.

The Last Legal Option to Keep Your Neighbor’s Dogs from Your Grass

If the problem persists or your neighbor is aggressive, you can mail a certified letter (keeping a copy) asking your neighbor to stop letting their dog poop on your property.

Contact Animal Control to report that a loose dog wandered through your neighborhood. This is the last legal recourse.

Dogs using your yard as a toilet can cause damage to your yard. Drivers who veer to avoid hitting the dog may also be liable for injury to children if they get bitten. High levels of nitrogen and bacteria are also found in dog poop, as well as parasites like ticks. Tick bites can lead to diseases like Salmonella and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

FAQ about Dogs Peeing on Your Lawn

My yard is attractive for Fido’s bathroom stop.

Animals will be attracted to your yard by unfamiliar scents. Dogs can be attracted to your yard by the smell of your pets or other animals.

What is the point of removing dog feces from your garden?

* Dogs who walk through poop can get poopy paws. Poop can easily get into your home from your front yard. Any bacteria or disease found in the poop can enter your house. You will also have to vacuum up any poop that has collected on your carpet and floor.

* Poo left untreated can cause damage to driveways and fences.

* Poop can be extremely flammable once it has dried. Poop that is not removed promptly can lead to dangerous situations in areas where there is a high chance of spontaneous fires.

When to call a Lawn Care Pro

What do you do if your neighbor’s dog is causing havoc on your lawn? Let a lawn professional take care of your lawn after your neighbor’s dog has gone.

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