Keep Rodents away from your Compost Heap

Rodents are the most difficult pests to deal with. Forget about their ability to reproduce faster and fill your kitchen, office, or compost heap, these creatures are likely to cause you diseases. Specifically, rats cause a lot of damage to structures in the compound. Whenever rats find their way to your compost heap, all they are looking for is food to eat and some good shelter. The heat from the compost heap and the waste food you put in the dustbin gives them a perfect environment to reside.

Before you think about consulting a pest control company like Elevate Pest Control to help you remove the rodents from your compost heap, you can consider going through some of the tips given here to help you scare away all the rodents from your compost heap.

How to keep rodents away from your compost heap

Use a metallic compost heap

Rodents cannot feed on metal. Also, they cannot find their way into the heap because they will not make any holes to penetrate through. Ideally, if you buy a plastic compost heap ensure you shield it with a rat proof base. You can place a wire mesh at the bottom of the plastic compost heap to prevent rats from feeding on its base and making holes beneath. Use galvanized wire mesh to shield the bottom of the compost heap.

 Place the compost heap in the open

Rats are very secretive creatures. They like to be in the dark and away from any disturbance. You should put your compost heap in the open away from the sides of a building, fence, or walls. Avoid placing the compost heap close to or under a tree. A tree provides enough shade to keep the rats from direct sunlight.

Avoid adding cooked food

Cooked food is a meal to rats. When your compost heap is filled with cooked food and broken eggshells, you do not expect rodents to keep off. When you add cooked food in the compost heap always, ensure you cover them up with grass. Dig deep into the heap and bury your waste food there to keep them out of rats reach. The presence of cooked food in the compost heap attracts hungry rats. If you want to keep rodents away from your compost heap and have a peace of mind, avoid adding any food materials in your compost pile.

Plant mint

Rats hate the scent of mint plants. Therefore, if you plant some mint near the compost heap, you could be lucky to reduce the rat population. This tip may be unsuccessful if your compost heap is invaded with many rats. Planting mint close to the compost heap is an environment-friendly way of keeping the rats away. It also saves you money.

Keep it moist

Keeping your compost heap moist scares away the rodents. Off course, the rats want a warm place to have a good shelter. If you keep your compost heap moist, you are making it unbearable for the rats. Note that, the compost heap should not be wet to prevent anaerobic conditions that result in an unpleasant odor.


To keep your compost heap free of rodents and other pests, you must visit it regularly. The tips given here are enough to help you make your compost heap a rodent-free zone. Also, you might consider the services offered by your local pest control company.

Post Author: Cedric Walker