Leaf Blowers vs Leaf Suckers

Not so long ago the only option for clearing large piles of leaves was hours of work using a broom but now there are efficient leaf blowers and suckers. Both of these machines are adept at clearing piles of autumn leaves from driveways and lawns but go about their task in completely opposite ways. A leaf blower uses air pressure to literally blow leaves into a neat pile where they can then be easily collected. A leaf sucker uses an action similar to a vacuum to collect the leaves as it is being used. Some machines combine both of these features to provide a convenient and quick approach to clearing garden debris.

Choosing a Leaf Blower

When you are thinking of purchasing a leaf blower it’s best to consider how large your garden is to determine the size of the tool and whether you need a cordless version that provides freedom of movement away from a power supply. Hand-held leaf blowers are generally light to work with and if using a lithium battery can be used for more than one or two hours without the need for recharging. There is also the option of a petrol driven version. With a leaf blower you are still left with the leaves but have the option to blow them from pathways into shrubberies which can lead to them being blown back onto the path by the wind or you can collect the leaves and put them on a compost heap. Leaf blowers are often used for very large areas where leaf collection may be impractical.

Choosing a Leaf Sucker

Leaf suckers are often more weighty than a blower because they need a more powerful motor and have to have a collection bag which can become surprisingly heavy when gathering wet autumn leaves. However, for ease of use they usually incorporate a shoulder strap to make your task easier and there are models which can be worn like a back pack to distribute the weight even more effectively. Leaf suckers have the additional advantage of shredding the leaves as they enter the collection bag enabling you to clear large amounts without having to stop and empty it. Being finely shredded they will rot down quickly when added to a compost heap or can be used as a mulch to protect your plants during the winter.

A Combined Version

Many gardeners like the convenience of a machine with both capabilities. Leaves can be driven into an area ready for collection after you convert the blower to a vacuum. This can be done by changing the tool used for each function although some models are adapted to provide each function by simply switching from one mode to another. These versions often have collection bags with capacities of more than forty litres. Extra features will include adjustable speed controls and long, flexible pipes for reaching into awkward spaces. Whichever type you choose there is an unrivalled selection at Data Power Tools.

Post Author: Cedric Walker