Mezzanine Floors: A Great Solution to Your Storage Needs

If there is one design that seems perfect for adding much-needed space in a commercial or industrial setting, it would have to be the mezzanine floor. Why? You can get a concise and accurate answer by listing just a few of the benefits that you receive immediately on using the installation for the first time. Consider the fact that this is a raised storage area installed in your current location so you won’t have moving expenses or renovation costs and you won’t have to print stationery with your new address.

This cost-effective method of creating more floor area within your current building can be designed to fit your storage and loading requirements. This gives you more square metres of usable space without adding rental expenses or the costs of a new building. Not only will you avoid the cost of relocating, as mentioned earlier, but you also reduce business downtime when compared to the time investment of relocation.

But Who?

When your business has experienced significant growth and you seem to be running out of usable space, you may have considered relocating to a renovated building or a newly-built structure. Many business owners decide at this point that the cost of construction or relocation is just too high. Yet they continue to look for a flexible solution to storage and floor space problems, hoping they’ll uncover just the right options for their situations.

They would be wise to look into the specialists for mezzanine floors in Melbourne, a company providing outstanding service to businesses needing minimal ground-level obstruction with clear open areas under a raised floor. These professionals can design and install a raised storage platform solution that allows you to stay where you are and get the added space you need.

You can get started by visiting the website to learn more about the services and products offered. You’ll discover this experienced firm will take your project from the initial idea to satisfactory completion, always focusing on keeping support columns under the raised area to a minimum. They’ve worked with customers who need something other than pallet-racking style floors, using a variety of steel sections and sizes to suit the specific usage requirements of each client.

Unique Solutions

As you browse the site, you’ll also discover that these specialists do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. They’ll take the time to understand your individual requirements, with attention to details such as varying the column spacing to suit your needs. No two mezzanine floors are the same, yet each project is completed to comply with the strict guidelines of the Building Code of Australia.

You’ll benefit from more than three-quarters of a century of combined engineering experience as well as from the use of state-of-the-art two-dimensional and three-dimensional design software. The range of services includes acquiring building and planning permits, securing engineering certification, arranging for appropriate lighting, fire service installation and modification, shelving, offices, and more. Call today to talk to a representative who will take the time to discuss your specific requirements and to receive a budget figure for planning purposes.

Post Author: Cedric Walker