Mice in your Property? Here are Effective Control Tips

Do not be attracted to their appealing eyes. Mice are not pets to keep in your house. These creatures are the most destructive of any pests. They feed on anything except steel! When they invade your home in search of food, shelter, and places to reproduce, they establish their nests.

Dealing with mice and rodents can be such a difficult task if you lack the required skills. You can reach out to Rove Pest Control to help you remove any trace of mice on your property and stay hassle-free. Apart from hiring a professional exterminator to help with pest control, you can apply some of these tips to help you keep mice off your property.

Five tips to keep mice off

Keep your house clean and tidy

Most pests move into your house, looking for food and shelter. When you keep your home clean, they find it unbearable to stay. To keep mice out, ensure you remove any food droppings in the kitchen. Wash all the utensils and keep them in closed kitchen cabinets or drawers. Poor sanitation at home or workplace will attract mice. Always ensure you maintain the highest standards of hygiene to keep the mice away.

Block all entry points

Mice find their way into your house through small openings on the walls, roof, and along utility pipes. Ideally, mice can squeeze itself through a quarter-inch hole. The best sealant for these openings that mice use to get inside your house is steel wool. Do not use plastic or wood because they will feed on these materials and still find their way into the home.

Keep your house dry

The leaks on your roof can cause a lot of damage to your building structure. They provide the required moisture and water for pests like mice allowing them to live. You can waterproof your house to keep all pests, including mice away from your home. Ensure you keep water in airtight containers and stop mice from getting into contact with water. Repair all the leaks on your roof.

Place the compost heap away from the house

Keeping your compost heap some distance away from your home will prevent the mice from entering your home. Mice live in compost heaps because of the warmth and food available there. To keep the mice off the compost heap, you can:

  • Proof its basement with a metallic wire mesh
  • Ensure it is closed with a tight lid round the clock
  • Always go for metallic compost heaps to prevent mice infestation
  • Do not throw leftover food into the compost heap


Mice are very destructive. It is vital to keep your property free from these harmful creatures to reduce the damage they can cause on your property. You can always reach out to a pest professional to help you get rid of mice if they are persistent in your house. Ultimately, these tips should help you control their invasion comfortably.

Post Author: Cedric Walker