Moles could be damaging your Landscape: Here is how to get rid of them

Moles are the most disgusting carnivorous creatures that should never invade your garden. Although they feed on other insects in your garden, the harm they cause on your garden landscape may cost you a lot to repair.

Apart from calling your local pest control expert to help you eliminate the moles’ infestation in your landscape, you should beware of some simple hacks to help you keep the moles off your property. This article gives you some simple tips to get rid of moles in your garden.

Remove moles in your landscape with these tips

1. Note their presence

It is vital to inspect the presence of moles in your landscape. Moles live inside the soil and excavate it to search for other insects to eat. In most cases, you will perceive the mole infestation in the garden once you start noticing piles of soil in the garden.

Moles live inside the soil during the winter. When summer hits, they come close to the topsoil. During this period, their excavation is especially important.

2. Set traps

This is an economical way of dealing with moles. You can set a harpoon trap or scissor trap. Place the trap inside the ground in positions where there is frequent mouse activity. The trap kills the mole with a slight trigger. Note that in some states, using mole traps is illegal. Confirm with your local pest controller if you are allowed to use the traps to get rid of moles in your garden.

3. Use repellants

This may sound like an expensive way of getting rid of moles in the landscape but the most effective in the end. You can use either liquid or granule mole repellant to scare away the moles in your garden. The granule repellents are made of castor oil and other ingredients that produce scents that moles do not like.

You can also spray the liquid repellents in the affected area using your hose-end sprayer. Liquid repellents do not kill the moles; they only make your landscape environment unbearable and scare them away. Also, you can try sprinkling powdered red pepper and coffee grounds on the soil to keep them off.

4. Go with wind power

It may sound sarcastic but helpful. A wind power machine leads to vibrations in the ground, which scares away moles. If you find this method expensive, you can try placing the low-tech kid’s pinwheels in your landscape close to where the mole activity is frequent.

5. Use baits

You can use bromethalin coated baits to kill the moles in your landscape. The baits should resemble earthworms so that moles get attracted to them thinking that they are preys. Once the moles eat the bait, they die within two days. Note that killing moles is prohibited in most states. It is essential to confirm with the local authorities if you are looking forward to using this method to remove the moles from your landscape.


Moles can be annoying when they infest your garden. The harm they cause on the landscape costs a lot to repair. However, the tips given here should help you get rid of the moles in a decent amount of time.

Post Author: Cedric Walker