Most Popular Garden Services & How They Help

If you’re anything like me, you care for your garden like you care for your children. You love it to bits but you’re also a little exasperated by it. Gardens allow us to relax in a lovely green outdoor space, but also take a considerable amount of time and money to maintain properly.

How can you reap the most benefits from your garden? Get someone to bear the brunt work for you. This doesn’t mean you sit around with a pina colada the entire time, but you just concentrate on the fun parts of gardening rather than dreading all the heavy lifting.

  • Lawn care

Everyone hates mowing the lawn – except maybe the most zen of Buddhist monks who probably don’t have to deal with it on a weekly basis during the warm months as we do. And if you’re the one who has this chore (and you hate it), why not outsource it? This is what millions of people do each year.

Lawn care is so popular, for good reason. We love to have beautiful looking grass-covered spaces, but they take time and effort to maintain. Gardeners do this quickly, efficiently and happily (it is their job, after all), saving you the hassle. If you truly dread mowing the lawn and have better things to be doing, just get someone else to do it who knows what they’re doing and won’t suffer through it as you do!

  • Hedge trimming

Hedge work is a popular garden service for a few reasons. The first is that it is quite difficult to do. You have to climb a ladder often, and hold onto these huge scissors with thick gloves, cutting thick branches off the top and sides of your hedge. Unless you have a chainsaw, but most of us don’t.

The second reason – why most people don’t have chainsaws either – is that it’s quite a dangerous job. People have injured themselves from falling off of ladders trimming their hedges, so unless you’re certain about what you’re doing and have the proper protection, get a professional to do it. They know what they’re doing, so outsource this difficult and dangerous job.

  • Waste removal

It’s super easy to let our gardens get away from us, and before we know it, there’s a broken down table out there alongside a pile of bricks, the compost pile – which has somehow outgrown its box – and a kiddie pool from last summer. Do you really want to go through the hassle of separating each thing from the other, dragging them to a hired van and driving them to the tip? Thought not.

This is why we hire gardeners to haul waste away! Look, he’s already mowing your lawn, why wouldn’t he also help you out with your piles of rubbish? Simply ask and you’ll alleviate months of guilt in a few hours. If your time is valuable to you and you don’t want to spend it thinking about waste, get this invaluable garden service from your regular gardener.

Plant care

This is probably the gardening service most people think of when they think of gardeners and what they do, for good reason. Many gardeners get into the industry because they love plants, and since this is a specialised skill, they are often much better at it than your average person with a flower bed.

If you don’t know your gardenia from your azalia, you’ll be better off at least asking a gardener for their advice on the topic of plant care. You might not need them to come every week or even every month, but it can be super helpful to ask someone what they think about the current state of your garden at the beginning or end of each season, and also what the next steps should be.

Post Author: Cedric Walker