Moving to Brooklyn: Complete Guide on How to Find Affordable Storage in Brooklyn

According to a survey, a lot of people in the US move to Brooklyn every year. It’s one of the five boroughs of NY City and a great place to move. It attracts lots of tourists. You can say that Brooklyn is a perfect place from all aspects – to live, work and have fun. Families, businessmen, workers all are proud to call Brooklyn their home city.

People move throughout the year for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason, moving is a tough oicetask which is why there are certain things one must keep in mind while relocating home. If you are thinking of relocating, then read this article. We have summarized everything from your interest here.

Tips for having a successful move

  • Be careful about choosing the moving partners. Yes, it matters a lot. A well-established professional moving service does make a difference. They will help you in planning efficiently and implementing each and every aspect so that you have a successful and smooth move.
  • Always plan in advance. This will help to avoid last minute hassles.
  • Don’t overlook budget! Relocations can cost pretty much. However, a resourceful research can get you some budget-friendly and efficient moving services.
  • The best time for moving is during holidays.
  • Your family members and friends can help you relocate. The more pairs of hands included the quicker the job is done.
  • A lot of moving services offer discounts or reduce their rates during holidays.

Why Self storage service?

Relocating means packing and picking things from your place to a new one. It’s not uncommon that you might be in need of a temporary storage place to store your stuff for a while which is why investing money in the self storage unit can be a wise idea.

Renting a self-storage unit will make your moving easier and quicker. This way, you can operate more efficiently. A lot of people in NY City have been able to successfully move to Brooklyn, thanks to Brooklyn storage and moving services.

There are different types of storage solutions available to cater your needs, check here:

Personal Self Storage

If your apartment is small and you’re in need of some extra space to temporary store your things, you can consider personal self-storage units. These storages are well maintained – they’re kept clean and dry. They are available in a variety of sizes which means enough space to restore all your stuff.

If you’re not sure about what size of storage to consider, no worries, the professionals will help you figure out the appropriate size of storage.

Business Self Storage

If you’re moving your business, renting self-storage units will be a great option.

  • Archives storage for your important papers and documents.
  • Storages for your office furniture and other such stuff.

There’s an additional benefit of hiring movers with storage solutions, all professional and reputable movers are covered by insurance, in case any damage occurs, you can get a compensation.

Furniture storage

No matter what type of furniture you own, sofas, recliners, bedroom sets etc, no matter how big or small your furniture, there are self-storage units for storing each and every type of furniture. Moreover, there are climate controlled facilities so your special items can be stored safely too.

No matter how long you intend to rent i.e. short term or for a longer period of time, you can store your stuff as long as you desire. The contract can be extended any time you want.

How to locate storage services in Brooklyn?

We understand that relocating to a new place is a very challenging and a complex process, so, it’s always best to hire professional moving services. Now how to do that? We have made some research on how to find affordable storage in Brooklyn so that you don’t have to work hard.

You can search the internet using phrases like “top moving services Brooklyn” which will help you locate some reasonable options for you or you can ask someone for recommendations. This way, you can make a list of top movers and select one that suits your needs well.

However, with so many moving and storage corporate services around, you can get confused. We want to inform our readers that not all services are as excellent as they claim to be. Don’t fall for the words and don’t hire someone just because they’re cheap. Some companies bid a quote which is higher than other companies but provide you with excellent services.

A decent professional moving company offering storage solutions must provide you with at least following services:

  • Well-lit area
  • Intrusion alarm system
  • 24*7 security guards
  • Proper cleaning facilities and pest control service
  • Platform dollies and handcrafts that will smoothen your moving process
  • Fire resistant floors
  • Free parking
  • Storage personnel assistance


Security is a huge concern for anyone who looks for the self storage unit. Nothing weird, given that you’ll be handing your valuable belongings to someone else. So, it’s important that you communicate with them properly, before the actual process starts.

Ask about the type of security they provide for your storage unit. In general, a private storage room will be allocated to you and you’re generally required to use your own lock. If you’re still unsure about security, then many of moving services approve third-party insurance services.

Access hours

Don’t forget to ask about the access hours. This is important to ask. Many storage companies allow access 24 hours every day of the year so that you can take your things any time you want.

Different storage needs

Ask the companies about the facilities they provide for your changing storage needs. There are fair chances that you don’t estimate right the size of the storage you need, and you actually require more storage space.

Make a resourceful research with all the tips mentioned in this article, then narrow down your list to the moving and storage company that is well equipped, experienced and capable of satisfying your needs.

Post Author: Cedric Walker