Rats in the Roof? Here are Effective Control Tips for Homeowners

A disaster awaits you if you suspect you have rats in your roof but have done nothing to get rid of them. These rodents can chew on anything in their way, including structures, insulation and wiring, and build nests everywhere, slowly turning your home into ruins.

Roof rat eradication can be as complicated as removing mice from your camper. You barely set foot there, and rodents are seeing a perfect breeding ground to make maximum use of. They have probably created hideouts too, and what you see may not be all there is.

Figuring out a way around the menaces in your roof is a multi-faceted approach that starts with a thorough inspection, followed by removal of the rats, and capped off with prevention of future infestations. Assuming you have confirmed there are rats in your roof, these four measures could come in handy as you look to eradicate the menace:

Use of Traps

Trapping is one of the safest ways of ridding your house of any kind of pest. For one, there are no poisons used in trapping. You also get to confirm that the rat or mouse actually died and didn’t wander off to die somewhere else in the house. If you have pets in your home, it is advisable to avoid the use of poison altogether.


Baiting is the use of pesticides and other chemicals to attract and kill rats and mice. It is great for the elimination of large infestations and may work well in homes where there are no pets or little children.

So, the bait is treated with poison and placed in the path of the rodents. The rats will likely sniff it out and feed on it. Often, they will go on to die elsewhere, perhaps in their hideouts, as the poison takes time to work. You will know the rodents have died if the bait is not being consumed any more.

Declutter Your Attic

Most pests will set up home in the darkest and most cluttered corners of your home. Rats and mice are no exception. A dirty attic full of sticks, paper, rocks, and fabrics is a 5-star attraction for these little bandits. As a preventive measure against future infestations, consider sweeping your attic clean and removing any random clutter on the floor.

Seal Those Holes and Gaps on Your Roof

The smaller mice can crawl into your home through holes as small as half an inch wide. They may also get in through ill-fitting windows, doors, and air vents. Seal these entry points as soon as all the rats or mice are gone. Also, consider cutting off branches that the rodents could be using as an avenue onto your roof.

Rats and mice are generally sensitive creatures that will not trust a place that has suddenly transformed. That is why decluttering works so well as a control measure. Rid your entire backyard of any dirt and possible hideouts to ensure the rodents are not lurking somewhere in the garden waiting to make a reentry.

Post Author: Cedric Walker