Reasons to Love Vinyl on Your Floors

Reliable flooring has become something that homeowners crave over all others, making vinyl one of the fastest-growing options in the flooring industry. Due to new technological advancements in printing, vinyl can now combine durability, water resistance, and more with beautiful high-end finishes. You could have your vinyl look similar to tile flooring, natural stone, or wood. Whether you just moved into a new home and want a flooring upgrade or just need to replace your current flooring material, it may make all the difference to choose this option.


No matter what you want the floors of your home to look like, you could use vinyl in every single room of the property without anyone knowing the difference. This is due to the advanced versatility of the option, allowing you to create any type of look with ease. Vinyl flooring is generally resistant to scratching and is non-porous, meaning that you can install it in the kitchen as easily as you could in the lounge room and bathroom. High-traffic areas such as hallways are well within the capabilities of vinyl, especially if you choose one of the more advanced options. The only place you should absolutely not consider installing vinyl is the outdoors, as vinyl may warp when exposed to direct heat.

Water Resistance

In comparison to laminate and hardwood, vinyl can handle nearly any amount of moisture without damage. Laminate and hardwood soak up water, eventually beginning to rot and cause other problems that result in the floor needing replacement. Splashes and spills on vinyl will never cause the material to warp, meaning that it could be used in absolutely any room of the house. Certain vinyl products even have 100% waterproof backings such as cork or plastic for addition protection from invading moisture.

If you live near the coast or in the country, you may consider installing this material in the mudroom or entryway of your home. The durability of the material should allow it to withstand dirt, sand, rain, and much more. For this very reason, many homeowners with multiple household members choose vinyl over every other option on the market.

Simple Installation

Rivalled only by laminate in regard to the simplicity of installation, you can have a reliable company come to your home and install it in a matter of hours. Unlike hardwood, you do not have to wait for the material to acclimate to your home or stay off of it for days at a time for it to settle. Many options in regard to vinyl have a simplified click and lock system designed to put the pieces together in a similar manner to a puzzle. With this option, you not only reduce the time needed to get the job done but you save money by completely cutting off days of work. For many installation projects using more expensive materials, you might be tempted to do the work on your own to save money. However, vinyl is so cost-effective and so simple to install that you would save money hiring a professional to do the work every single time. No matter the use, you benefit from the choice of using vinyl.

Post Author: Cedric Walker