Reducing The Chances Of A Fire Breaking Out In Your Office Space

When designing your office space, you must have health and safety in mind, which also means you must consider fire prevention. You can do many things in your office to make it safer and reduce the chances of a fire taking hold, some of which are requirements under UK law. You can invest in a high-quality office for your business that is a comfortable and safe workplace, making your employees happy and boosting their productivity. Below are some things you can do to help prevent fires from occurring in your office and make it a much safer place to work.

Use Fire-Rated Materials On Your Roof & Walls

Although using fire plasterboard and ceiling tiles in your office will not prevent a fire, they can significantly reduce the speed at which a fire can spread. Using fire-rated materials is essential in designated fire escapes areas, and you will also need emergency lighting that works independently of the building’s power supply. You can choose from many options of fire-rated plasterboard and ceiling tiles for your office with something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Install Fire Alarms & A Sprinkler System

You will need to have a fire alarm in a commercial building, and you will also want to install a sprinkler system. Contrary to what some people think, a sprinkler system is not there to put out a fire but to help suppress it and reduce it from spreading too quickly. They can give you the time needed to evacuate a building and have the fire brigade show up to deal with the fire and reduce the amount of potential damage that the fire causes.

Use Qualified & Experienced Electricians

You will also need to ensure that the electricians you use for fitting out the office space are qualified and experienced. You want to have all your cabling and wires running neatly but still have access to them if needed. Ensure sufficient electrical outlets are available in your office space to prevent the need to use extension leads, which can be a tripping and fire hazard. Check the credentials of any electricians before using their services and ensure they can do everything correctly and up to the required standard.

Ensure Electrical Items Have Adequate Ventilation

Most electrical items require ventilation to help keep them cool and working correctly. You must ensure that if an item has vents, such as a desktop computer, microwave, or photocopier, the vents are not blocked, restricting airflow. When the vents are blocked, they can overheat, creating a potential fire hazard. Ensuring they have suitable ventilation can also help increase the lifespan of your electrical items.

Keep It Clean

You also need to keep your office space clean to help prevent fire hazards and reduce the dust in your office, and emptying bins is an excellent place to start. Ensure that everything has somewhere to live, and they are kept in their designated locations, and install an ethos in your workforce to keep the workplace clean and tidy. Keeping a tidy workplace will also help to make your employees happy and can help increase productivity and safety in your office.

Post Author: Cedric Walker