Steps For Exterior Doors Installation

The entry doors offer primary access to the inside of our homes. There are so many reasons why homeowners decide to replace their doors. The process of installation may differ based on the different needs of the homeowners or other factors like the installer. Installation is not complicated; anyone can do it with proper guidance and confidence.

However, experts recommend that homeowners get a professional installer for the best results, and there is no harm in understanding what happens in the door installation process. The process of installation may also differ depending on the positioning of the door opening. Check out the steps for installing exterior doors Whitby below.

  • Taking and Recording the Measurements

The measurements are very important for the installation of doors. Any miscalculation in measurements could result in expensive consequences, such as having to buy another door.

Taking measurements requires the skill of attention to detail so that you take everything accurately. There are several measurements that you need to take before proceeding to buy the new door for installation.

You will need a tape measure, a book, and a pen for the purposes of recording. Take the height, width, and length measurements from three points and record the smallest measurement.

  • Removal of Existing Door and Frame

You will have to remove the old door to create an entry for the new one. If you have storm doors, you will start with that before proceeding to the main doors.

Carefully scoop the exterior trim using a sharp tool or knife to pry it off. You can use a screwdriver to unfasten the door hinges, making it easy to pull the door from its slab.

  • Preparation for New Door Installation

Start by checking whether the sides are upright and the subfloors are level. Carefully remove any old caulking or debris and ensure you do not spread it all over the house. Use a few caulking beads on the bottom frame and inspect keenly that the opening is ready for the new exterior doors before entering into the installation.

  • New Door Installation

This is probably the step you’ve been looking forward to most. You begin by lifting the door and placing it centrally on the opening. Most doors are enormous and heavy, so this step requires teamwork. You will need to use shims to keep the pre-hung door on the frame.

Ensure the door is in perfect position and well-leveled on the frame. At this stage, you can make any adjustments that may be needed because there will be no room for adjustments after this step. Check the plumb condition before proceeding to put on the screws in their respective positions.

  • Completion of the Installation

Once you confirm that you have done everything as required, you can proceed to put the deadbolt and the lockset in position to ensure the door can open and close.

To finish up the installation of exterior doors Whitby, apply caulking and weatherproof the door for energy efficiency. At this point, the door should be opening and closing conveniently. Paint the door using your favorite color to make it more personalized.

Post Author: Cedric Walker