The Amazing Benefits of Triple Glazing

It doesn’t seem that long ago when double glazing first came on the scene, and with two panes of glass instead of one, there was a significant reduction in heat loss, and anyone who lives in the UK would know about that. The harsh British winters demand in house heating, and even with the loft fully insulated, you can almost see the heat being sucked through the glass, and when you consider that more than half the exterior surface is glazed, you are losing a lot of heat. While double glazing is very efficient, adding another layer of glass really makes all the difference, with both thermal and sound insulation.

Multiple Compartments

If you think of a double glazed unit, you basically have a single compartment of trapped air, and with hermetic sealing, the inner space will always remain stable. While this is much more efficient than a single pane of glass, adding another layer actually creates two separate compartments, and this substantially reduces heat transfer. If you live in or near London, there are triple glazing installers in Harrow who can design and build the ideal windows to add character to your home and put an end to heat loss. Triple glazing is a natural progression, and with advanced technology, the design of the frames eliminates condensation and is totally maintenance free.

Sound Insulation

The average household is surrounded by exterior noise, which could range from the neighbour’s dog barking to a main railway line at the bottom of your garden, and with everything in between a regular occurrence, it adds up to a lot of noise. We tend to acclimatise, and it is only when the noise disappears that we realise it was present at all. Having a good night’s sleep is an essential part of physical and mental well-being, and with triple glazing, you can be assured of silence at any time of day or night, which is ideal for shift workers.

Added Security

The chances of a burglar tackling a double glazed window or door is slight, but triple glazing is out of the question. Professional house breakers are familiar with all the latest technological breakthroughs and triple glazed units are a no-no. It would probably be easier to force entry through a solid brick wall, so in effect, triple glazing gives you the ultimate burglar deterrent.

Energy Saving

Triple glazing will result in noticeable reductions in your fuel bills, and you can say goodbye to those annoying draughts, as the entire home will have a warm, even temperature, and you’ll be able to sit be the window in winter for the first time. Long term economics favour triple glazing, as the fuel savings are ongoing, and with energy costs rising, it makes sense to reduce your consumption.

The frames are typically constructed from UPVC or aluminium, and with bespoke manufacture and a range of colours, you can transform your home and create a warm and comfortable interior for you and your family.

Post Author: Cedric Walker