The Best Accessory on any Patio – Your Barbeque

As summer begins to hit its stride, is it any wonder that so many of us turn our thoughts towards summer evenings on the patio? The cool of the evening after a long hot summer day can beckon the most hardened jock, especially if the deck or patio has a barbeque on it. Set some beers to chill in the cooler, round up the patio chairs for some chill and chat and make sure you have plenty of steaks to throw on the grill.

Of course, you can’t talk barbeque without getting into a conversation about which type of grill is best. This is a topic of conversation that for some can evolve into an art form. Discussions will go long into the night about the quality of the fuel for the grill, the technology behind the latest grill and just which one gives the best end result.

The Manly Art of Charcoal Grilling

Some folks are complete and utter die-hards about using old fashion charcoal and will swear that nothing else tastes as good for a grill. They will tell you of finding the right mesquite for their grill, carefully burning it down to the perfect charcoal and counting down to the right time for grilling. I include in this group the kind of backyard barbeque griller that loves to dig a pit in the backyard, throw in a couple bags of store bought charcoal and then proceed to roast a whole pig over the course of an entire day. But most of us are just happy to throw a few steaks on the grill and call it a night.

Giving It the Gas

Others will tell you that gas is the best and will point out that all they need to do is go online to and get their order updated to keep that grill burning hot and ready to rock. They are often the kind that love to lug that gas canister around and show how it is nothing to them to haul it for a refuel. The aroma of gas doesn’t seem to slow them down, and when it comes to a flame they swear that being able to control it with the turn of a valve is better than the slow methods of charcoal man.

The Electric Age

Still others will swear up and down that electric grills, with their ease of care and lightening fast setup, are the modern way to grill. They are the sort who loves sleek Swedish furniture and live in big glass rooms, but heck. Let them continue to think they have it right. We all know that electric grills have a cold approach to grilling that just never will come close to a live flame.

Still, you can’t help but admire the look of their grills. They have so many knobs and controls on them that you would swear they were a cockpit and the grill is about to take off into the sky. For high-tech fans of anything that requires a twenty-page guide to set up, this is the chance to live the fantasy.

So, pick your method, ready it for the season, and letting the grilling begin!

Post Author: Cedric Walker