The Latest Lawn Mower Technology of 2018

When it comes to mowing your lawn, it’s not necessarily rocket science to get things in order. You just want something to help you have a neat and well-trimmed back or front yard. Very simple, right? Well, these days, technology has actually made it easier, so things aren’t so labor intensive or use too much power. It helps to get things to run more efficiently, so that you’re able to do a better job at the task. You won’t have to clear out your whole Saturday afternoon just to finish your yard work. Here are some of the things you should think about before choosing a mower.

Creating a Perimeter

You should generally be aware of the area you decide to cut. Smart mowers are equipped with boundary wires and pegs to help you establish different borders in which to cut. This makes it easier to find what surface you’ll be cutting for a sharper look. Additionally, you’ll have a more even look due to your mower knowing exactly what boundaries are set. This makes your work much more organized, which adds to the overall vibe of your lawn. Speaking of organized, you’ll be able to better control the height of the grass.

More Height Control with Your Grass

Now, it takes time to get your grass to be even all across the board. You may keep your grass a bit higher or lower for different reasons. Depending on the nature of the use, you might want it cut lower so that your kids can play in the backyard without having to trip over everything. Maybe you have a big enough backyard to play a game of tennis or volleyball. If you decide you want to keep your grass cut just for aesthetics, this is another reason. All these kinds of mowers should automate the clipping length. This is to help you create a clean-looking field for you and your family. Next, you want to have a good app setting.

Set Your App to Cut Your Grass

Whether you have a tablet or mobile phone, you want your mower powered through an app. You want to have complete control of it. If you’re in the kitchen about to finish up mopping the floors, you’ll want to turn your mower on to warm it up a bit. Also, you can control the settings right before you decide to clean up your lawn a bit. You can have precise settings or change them to how you see fit. Also, you’ll be able to deploy it at anytime. This is great to save time so you can program it to stop right before your family barbecue. Are you concerned with safety? Don’t worry because you have what you need to keep things in order.

More Safety Control

You don’t have to think about your lawn mower going rogue like a machine from “I, Robot.” These are a bit more controlled. They have motion sensors to help prevent them from crashing into anything. And even more so, running into people. If it happens to be upside down or fall down, it’ll automatically shut off to keep from getting damages. This is a smarter way to help keep your mower working for a long time. Safety is everything when using your electronics. Pick the right lawn mower that works well, but also isn’t a hazard to your home. Additionally, you want a good charging dock so that your lawn mower has the right power when you use it. Find a charger that stops when fully powered. It’ll help you conserve your energy as well. With this knowledge, here’s how to choose the best one.

Narrowing Your Choice

For some people, they may have a big estate or rougher terrain. In this case, a Husqvarna Automower 450X might work the best.

On the flip side, they may want a smoother feel and more app-based control. Additionally, you could live somewhere with more rain. You’ll gravitate towards a Miimo 3000 for those reasons.

If you want to revert back to more of a manual approach, you’ll save a lot of money by using the WORX Landroid M. You have a variety of choices to help you tame your lawn. Think of the best one to choose.

As you can see, there are a number of features that make smart mowers more appealing. You don’t have to always use it directly when you control it through an app. This helps you lighten the workload so that you have more time to do other tasks throughout the day.

Post Author: Cedric Walker