The Top Reasons to Own Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture sets are a great choice for the patio. Wicker is relatively lightweight, making it easy to lift and carry. This makes wicker ideal for entertaining larger groups as the furniture can be rearranged easily and hauled from place to place with little effort. Wicker furniture is suitable for seating people of a variety of sizes and shapes.

Wicker also has a classic style that is very versatile. Wicker can come in different colors including white, cream, tan, black, and even green. Wicker furniture can also be supplemented with patio furniture cushions. Cushions of different colors and designs can help to complement the exterior design of the home.

Traditionally made of rattan, bamboo or reed, wicker furniture is environmentally friendly according to Wicker Paradise. All the natural materials used to make wicker are very durable; however, it is important that wicker be protected from weather damage, particularly through waterproofing. Wicker furniture made with aluminum frames is another good option to preventing weather damage as the aluminum framing does not rust. Otherwise, sunlight and the rain can quickly deteriorate wicker.

As wicker ages and deteriorates, the furniture cushions also fade and fall apart with time. There are multiple companies that offer replacement cushions from multiple national brands. These companies offer a variety of designs and types of fabric including those that do not fade as quickly as the average cushion fabric.


Post Author: Cedric Walker