Tips for Moving large furniture

Moving your furniture whether from one room to another or from one location to another is indeed a challenging task. It seems like an impossible and unrewarding task as you wonder how you are going to move the massive piece of furniture around. You would, of course, need help and some planning.  There are professional services such as Shiply that are an expert and experienced service who can help you with your moving and packing needs of any kind.  You should be honest about your limits when it comes to moving heavy furniture or those large sculptures. One not only needs to move them safely but also be aware of how to avoid any dangerous situation.

Here are some tips if you are thinking about moving heavy furniture.

Think and plan beforehand
Moving huge pieces of furniture require not just the muscle power but brain power as well. So, put on your thinking cap and start planning. Involve your family members and friends and take time to think and discuss how that large refrigerator needs to be moved or how to lower that old piano from the eleventh floor. Get help from friends or a professional mover, or you risk not only damaging the large piece of furniture but also risk your back and bones.

Cover the furniture
Make use of protective blankets, pads or bubble wrap to secure your furniture. Ensure that it doesn’t slip when being moved. Keep in mind that it can be awkward and clumsy to handle a massive piece of furniture. One can slam it against the wall or lose their balance while walking down steps. So, ensure that the furniture is covered and can be held securely. Always keep a barrier and gap between the object you move and the surrounding objects.

Invest in sliders and moving tools
Make use of plastic sliders and place it under furniture legs so that they can be slid easily across carpet or hardwood floors. Those sliders are great for moving big furniture such as dressers and couches. Place the slider underneath to lower the friction, and it makes moving much more comfortable. Use moving straps to curb weight strain. It is a good idea to buy effective essential tools that help one to move heavy objects.

Push instead of pulling
Once you have the sliders under the furniture, you can now push the furniture from the lower section. Do not push from the upper side or you add to the risk of tipping. With sliders on and pushing form the right angle, it is possible to minimize the friction and move the furniture easily. Do not pull the furniture as it places extra strain on your back.

Prevent Injuries
Take all the precautions to prevent injury when moving large furniture. For example, always bend at your knees and not at your waist and lift with your legs and not with your back. For items that are higher than your chest level use sliders and dolly. Make sure to wear proper clothing and comfortable shoes.

Post Author: Cedric Walker