Tips for Updating Old Furniture

Furniture is an investment that should last for years, according to The Foam Factory. But after a while, it can start to look worn out and old. That doesn’t mean it has to be replaced though. Read on for how to update three common pieces of furniture to make them look like new again.


Dirt and stains can accumulate on a couch or loveseat over time, since this is where most people sit in the living room. The cushions can begin to wear out too. So the best way to improve its appearance is by adding some new cushions for the seat and back of the couch. Then, reupholster the entire piece. Don’t forget to buy a few throw pillows with a modern design on them to make the couch or loveseat look comfortable and cozy.


Chairs that are scuffed and scratched can be brought back to life with a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that is a bright shade of other matching furniture that you have in the room, so the chairs will match everything. Add some replacement cushions to finish them off.


This type of furniture accessory will stand out if begins to lose its shape from everyone putting their feet up on it. Ottomans can be repaired by applying new custom foam cushions on the top of them before wrapping the sides with extra foam padding. Tack on some new fabric to cover them with afterwards. Then, paint any wooden or plastic molding or legs that are exposed.


Post Author: Cedric Walker