Tips to Help Prevent the Summer Tick Scourge from Affecting You

“Lyme disease is preventable, but only if… [people] have the information they need to prevent it.” – Vanessa Farnsworth

Summer is known, amongst other things, as the season of ticks and tick bites. And, while most tick bites result in nothing other than an itchy spot that you have to avoid scratching, there can be serious consequences like contracting a tickborne illness like Ehrlichiosis or Lyme Disease. Additionally, you will never know whether you will get seriously ill or whether you will have an annoying itch to deal with until several days after the tick has bitten you. Thus, it is not worth running the risk of being bitten by a single tick.

According to, ticks are usually found in hot, humid climates. They cling to long grass or scrubby bushes where they wait for hosts to walk past. As their host brushes the long grass where there are waiting, they can cling to their host and leave the grass or bush strands behind.

It is also important to note that ticks can be found in yards as well as in natural bush and grasslands. And, they are equally dangerous both to human and domestic animal lives. Therefore, the question that begs is: “How do you keep ticks away from human settlement areas, livestock, and domestic pets?”

Ways to minimize the chance of being bitten by ticks during summer

This section can be divided up into the following sub-sections:

How to prevent a tick infestation around your home

The standard ways of preventing any pest from invading your living space apply here; ergo:

  • Keep your yard clean and tidy
  • Ensure that your grass is kept short
  • Make sure that your home’s exterior and interior are properly maintained so that there is no space for ticks to inhabit. Ticks love warm, dark places; therefore, it is important to make sure that your home environment is kept clean and full of natural light.

If you currently have a tick infestation in your yard, the best way to solve it is to hire a pest control specialist like Rove Pest Control to come and clean up your yard.

What to do when you are out walking in the natural bush areas

Picking up ticks when you out walking in the natural bush areas, nature reserves, and forest reserves can and will result in similar consequences to being bitten by a tick found in your home environment.

Thus, it is equally important to ensure that you are not bitten by any ticks. There are several ways to prevent tick bites:

  • Do not walk in environments where ticks will be found.
  • Spray your clothes with Permethrin spray before you go hiking. Or buy hiking gear that is already soaked in a Permethrin solution.
  • Not only does it kill ticks, but it also kills insects like mosquitos and black flies. And, it stays on your clothing for four to six washes. Therefore, you don’t have to spray your clothes every time you go hiking.
  • Check your body carefully when you get back from the hike or walking in bushy areas. As mentioned above, ticks prefer warm areas so they won’t necessarily bite where they land on your body, they will move up into areas such as your groin.

Final thoughts

The obvious way to avoid getting bitten by ticks is not to go into any areas where ticks are found. However, it is far better to use preventative measures for both yourself and your dogs so that you can see parts of the country you would ordinarily not visit. Travel to new areas, even locally, expands your mind and provides a new, positive outlook on life.

Post Author: Cedric Walker