Types of Damages Involved in Personal Injury Cases

If you have met with an accident, personal injury lawyers have the knowledge, experience and resources to offer you a consultation and handle your case. While you can focus on your medical treatment and take rest under your doctor’s guidance, your lawyer can work hard to protect your rights. They will work as your representative so that you can have peace of mind.

‘Damages’ is a legal term that is used in courts for describing compensation you may be entitled to receive for your losses and injuries. Basically, there are three types of damages involved in cases of personal injury: General damages, Special damages, and Punitive damages. Find out more!

General Damages

These damages involve the ones for which a specific amount of compensation cannot be assigned. For instance, it’s not easy to calculate the loss you have to bear in the long-term because of the death of a loved one or if you suffered from a long-term injury, illness or disability.

Such damages include compensation for physical pain and mental agony you have to bear due to the accident. You can also claim compensation because you are no longer able to enjoy your life like before because of the injury you received in the accident. Other general damages include loss of a limb, loss of friends, loss of associates, wrongful death, etc.

Special Damages

These are the damages for which you can easily calculate the exact compensation amount.
Also known as economic damages, these primarily include the medical expenses you had to make due to the accident. Future expenses on therapy and treatment can also be added, such as any surgery, medicines, procedures, doctor’s appointments, etc.

These damages also include loss of wages and any loss of money you would incur in the future because of your illness or disability gained in the accident. If your personal property got damaged in the accident, then compensation for its replacement or repair can also be added.

Punitive Damages

Courts order compensation for punitive damages only if the other person’s behavior was seriously negligent or if they seem to intentionally harm you. Such compensation is often ordered as a penalty for that person.

For instance, if the person was intoxicated by alcohol or drugs during the accident, then he/she may be entitled to pay for punitive damages. Intentional harm may include breaking into your property and starting a fire even when they knew that you are inside. Apart from paying the compensation amount, such a person also needs to go through a criminal case proceeding for their behavior.

Once you receive an order for compensation from the court, your Seattle personal injury lawyer will collect it from the other party and deliver it to you. They also ensure that all your medical bills and balance checks are cleared. After completely settling your case, they take your leave and let you have peace of mind. If you recently had an accident and you are trying to recover from it physically, mentally and financially, then a Seattle personal injury lawyer can handle the legal part for you.

Post Author: Cedric Walker